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Shoemakes Living In And Around

Chesterfield and Darlington Counties, S.C.
Bledsoe County, TN.
West Florida

Decendants of John de la Chaumette (Shoemake)

South Carolina

McLean Cemetery

The following information was taken from the tombstones situated in the cemetery.

1. George Washington Shoemake, Sr. Born: June 11, 1844; Died: December 27, 1901

2. Etta Jane Shoemake, Wife of George Washington, Sr. Born: August 20, 1850; Died: October 23, 1817

3. Ben F. Shoemake Born: June 11, 1844 Born: October 22, 1876 Died: December 27, 1901 Died: July 16, 1943.

4. S. Jane Shoemake, Born: 1883; Died ? Wife of Ben F. Shoemake

5. Peral Shoemake, Born May 3, 1909; Died ? Daughter of Ben F. and S. Jane Shoemake.

5. Baby Daughter of Ben F. and S. Jane Shoemake. Born August 3, 1907; Died November 4, 1907.

6. Lila C. Shoemake, Born: April 25, 1924; Died: December 25, 1924

8. Marion Heyward Shoemake, Born: October 7, 1940; Died: March 5, 1948.

Kellytown Cemetery

1. William Thomas Shumate, believed to be the son of William & Timpy. Born: August 24, 1877; Died ?

2. Sarah Atkins Shumate, wife of William Thomas Shumate. Born, January 28, 1887; Died: June 24, 1944.

3. Jane Tyner Shumate, sister to Andrew & William Thomas Shumate. Born: July 18, 1874; Died: ?

The Shumates for some reason began spelling their name different than it appeared on the 1880 census.

Damascus Cemetery

1. John Edward Shoemake, son of George Washington Shoemake, Sr., and Nancy Merriman. Born: 1868; Died: 1925.

2. Tony Allen Shoemake. Died: January 2, 1957. (Five days old).

Hebron Cemetery

1. Mary J. Shumake, believed to be the wife of Warren Shuemake. Born: September 5, 1838; Died: February 16, 1891.

2. Green Shumake, son of Warren and Mary J. Shuemake. Born: December 21, 1871; Died: Novemner 17, 1890.

Mt. Elon Cemetery

1. Burnice Shumate. Born: March 5, 1909; Died: October 10, 1977

Chavis Cemetery

1. C. W. Shoemake. Born: February 24, 1876; Died: October 31, 1918.

2. Bertha Shoemake, daughter of C. W. & Ema Shoemake. Born: March 10, 1907; Died: November 8, 1907.

Indian Branch Cemetery

1. Thomas G. Shumake, Born: October 2, 1885; Died: February 8, 1957.

2. Ella Suggs Shumake, wife of Thomas G. Shoemake. Born: February 10, 1887; Died ?

New Market Cemetery

1. Frances Louise Shoemake, daughter of B. H. Shoemake. Born: January 12, 1930; Died: January 29, 1930.

2. Infant Son of Essie Shoemaker. Died: July 14, 1941.

Gum Branch Cemetery

1. Johnie Shumate. Born: December 24, 1937; Died: July 10, 1940.

West View Cemetery

1. William T. Shumate. Born October 21, 1924; Died November 16, 1971.

2. Susie F. Shoemake. Born: March 18, 1903; Died: March 23, 1978.

3. Virgina B. Shoemake. Born: May 10, 1931; Died: April 9, 1975.

4. Mary Shoemake Ganey, daughter of Bogan Shoemake and granddaughter of Hartwell Shoemake. Born: January 12, 1918; Died: April 26, 1982.(Hartwell was the son of Morgan Shoemake, who was the son of Moses Shoemake, who was the son of Samuel Shoemake, Sr., who came to the Chesterfield area in the mid 1700s from Virginia. (Samuel was the son of John de la Chaumette an immigrant who came from France in the early 1600s.

St. Matthews Methodist Church Cemetery
North West of Bishopville, SC.

1. Callie (Sally) D. Shoemake, daughter of Morgan & Jane Warren Shoemake. Also wife of Andrew T. Hopkins. Born in 1861; Died: December 6, 1914.

2. Maggie Shoemake, wife of Bogan Cash Shoemake. Born in 1891; Died: November 22, 1969.

3. Margaret Outlaw Shoemake, wife of Hartwell Shoemake and mother of Bogan Shoemake. She was also the daughter of Kennon Outlaw. Born: January 29, 1851; Died March 26, 1923.(From all reports, she was deserted by Hartwell who moved to South Alabama and Northwest Florida area sometimes prior to 1903)

4. Bogan Cash Shoemake, son of Hartwell and Margaret Shoemake. Born: January 14, 1880; Died: February 18, 1945.

5. Oliver Shoemake, son of Bogan Cash Shoemake. Died from a mad dog bite. Born: September 4, 1905; Died: February 1, 1919.

Buried In A Field Between Hartsville & McBee Near the King Cemetery

Moses Sboemake, Jr.
Father of George Washington Shoemake, Sr. Brother to Morgan Shoemake
Born: 1808 - Died: 1851

Bledsoe County, Tennessee, Humble Cemetery 1980

The following graves were found in the Humble Cemetery: in 1980. While these names appear as Shoemate, a search of the census of Bledsoe County show the names being spelled as Shoemake. It is for this reason, I have injected these names here. I believe the record will show that this group of Shoemates came from Chesterfield and Darlington Counties, S.C. I have inserted this information in this area of my journal for the purpose of making it easier to find. (You may see pictures of some of the headsones situated on the graves of some of the Shoemates buried in the Humble Cemetery by clicking here)

>1. George Shoemate, B. Oct. 18, 1907, D. July 5, 1965; (Ida M., wife, B. December 30, 1910)

>2. James B. Shoemate, B. 1884, D. 1957 Mamie B. (wife), B. 1886, D. 1960

>3. J. B. Shoemate, B. April 10, 1888, D. 1927

>4. Jesse L. Shoemate, B. August 22, 1887, D. December 11, 1947

>5. Annice B. Shoemate, B. August 14, 1897, D. D. November 15, 1988 (Wife of Jesse L. Shoemate)

>6. Ruffurs Byron Shoemate, B. June 17, 1913, D. March 6, 1977 Eunice Douglas (wife)
>>> B. September 24, 1912 D. ?

>7. John W. Shoemate, B. 1878, D. 1957. (This is apparently the John Wesley who married Harrirt Mudge and not J.W. Shoemate who was born in 1850, who was the father of Annice Shoemate. J.W. Shoemate was the father of John W. There is a rumor that Annice's father first married a Harriet Mudge. However the census record of 1910 shows John W. living in Chattanooga, Tennessee and is married to Harriet and therefore, could not be the father of Annice).

>9. Thomas J. Shoemate, B. October 23, 1898, D. July 31, 1966

10. Charles W. Shoemate, B. October 31, 1901, D. April 17, 1945

11.. L. M. Shoemate, B. 1887, D. 1939
12. Sarah E. (wife) B. 1869, D. 1892
13. Mattie Shoemate, B. April 4, 1861, D. April 13, 1899 (Second wife of L.M. Shoemate)
14. Lester B. Shoemate, B. April 2, 1883, D. April 19, 1893 (Son of L. M. Shoemake)
15. Charlie R. Shoemate, B. May 19, 1882, D. Jume 21, 1882 (Son of L. M. Shoemate)

16. Hannar (Hannah) Shoemate, B. 1791, D. March 17, 1882
(Hannah could have been the wife of Thomas Shomak living in Bledsoe County in 1830. It is noted that she had a son by the name of Thomas S.. It is possible that the S. stands for "Samuel" and if this be true, it is possible that Hannah's husband was the son of Samuel Jr. (II).

17. Thomas S. Shoemate, B. September 18, 1832 (Son of Hannah) D. August 25, 1914
>>> .(See Thomas Shoemate)
18. Rachel Shoemate, B. 1832, D. May 28, 1882 (Wife of Thomas Shoemate)

19. Matilda Shoemate, B. April 4, 1861, D. April 13, 1899 (Second wife of L. M. Shoemate).

20. J. W. Shoemate, B. May 7, 1850, D. April 10, 1916 (This matches the date given me by Annice as the birth date and death of her father John W. So his name was also John W. Shoemate)

21. Annis Shoemate, B. 1822, D. April 24, 1870 (The name Avis appears on the 1850 census of Bledsoe County, the grandmother of Annice, wife of James and mother of J. W. Shoemake)

22. Rhoda J. Shoemate, B. January 1, 1856, D. February 1, 1883.

23. Margaret Jane Shoemate Ferguson, B. 1842, D. 1915

24. Charles Ferguson, B. 1840, D. 1908 (Husband to Margaret Jane Shoemate)

25. Henry Shoemate, B. 1855, D. 1863 (Age 8 )

26. Hampton Shoemate, D. 1821

27. H. R. Shoemate, B. October 10, 1882, D. 1883.

28. Minnie Shoemate, B. June 14, 1868, D. September 12, 1945

29. Walter Shoemate, B. October 10, 1887, D. June 20, 1940

30. Mamie B. Shoemate, B. 1886, D. 1960

31. James B. Shoemate, B. 1884, D. 1957

32. Nellie K.Shoemate, B. May 12, 1915, D. July 1, 1924

Mt. Zion Cemetery, Victoria, Tennessee

1. Morris K. Shoemake, B. December 24, 1832, D. between 1912 and 1914 ? (Son of John Fletcher) See Grave Site.

2. Luraner, (wife) Born 7/12/1833, Died 12/19/18 See Grave Site.

Some of Morris' children are burried in the same cemetery, They include:

Sarah Alace Shoemake, daughter of Morris K. and Luraner Shoemake Born 8/12/1874, Died 8/17/1900.

Jackson V. Shoemake, son of Morris K., and Luraner Shoemake Born 8/20/1853 Died 7/13/1908.

James M. Shoemake Son of Morris K., and Luraner Shoemake Born 1/17/1872 Died 3/19/1893.

Mary E. Shoemake Daughter of Morris K., and Luraner Shoemake Born 12/28/1869 Died 12/21/1899 .

Ruthlie Shoemake, Born 4/4/1906, Died 9/21/1909

Margaret Shoemake, Born 8/30/1875, Died 5/24/1905

Fletcher Shoemake, Born 9/21/1903, Died 6/18/1905

*****The above information was taken from the tombstones in the cemetery by Mrs. Euline Harris of Whitwell, Tennessee on or about November 1, 2002.

West Florida Shuemakes

Burial Sites

I have not endeavored to list the burial sites of all the Shuemakes who came to and went out from West Florida, but I am listing James M. Shuemake and his sons and daughters who came fron South Carolina about 1897.

1. James M. Shuemake, the father of the West Florida Shuemakes, Born in 1855, South Carolina; died on February 15, 1930. He was living south of Bonifay, Florida in Washington County at the time of his death. He is buried in the St. John's Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery, south of Bonifay about 2 miles, off Highway 79. Both he and his wife Harriet Henryeta Raley are buried there.

2. John James Shuemake lived and raised his family in and around Mayo, Florida. He is buried in the Plesant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, 9 miles SW of Mayo, Florida. He was born in 1877 and died in 1947. (Age 70)

3. Willie Z. Shuemake and Hartwell Shoemake's widow Sarah "Auntie" (who was Hartwell's second wife), lived together in Jackson County, Florida, south of Marianna, Florida. Both are buried in the cemetery at Hickory Level Baptist Church. (Jimmy Shuemake, son of Charles Edward Shuemake is also buried there. He died in the early 1980s). Willie Z., was born in 1879 and died in 1951. (Age 72) Lucy, the wife of Charles Edward Shuemake is also buried there.

4. Robert (Bob) Shoemake lived and raised his family in Chipley Florida. He married Annie Clewis. They lived in Chipley, Florida. They had the following children: Robert who died at a young man. He was drowned in the Escambia Bay, near Pensacola, Florida while working with the L & N Railroad. There were three daughters: Daisy, Dixie and Janey. More will be said about these later. Robert (Bob) Shuemake is buried at the New Effort Christian Church Cemetery situated west of Bonifay, Florida, north, off Highway 90. He was born on March 8, 1882 and died on June 22, 1952. (Age 70)

5. Feet Harring Shuemake settled in Chipley, Florida were he raised his family. He died in April of 1969. He is buried in the Piney Grove Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery, southwest of Chipley. He is buried next to his wife, Tidie Kirkland. Feet was born July 30,1884 and died May 3, 1969 (Age 85 and 10 months)

Nora (Shuemake) Ryals, who married Rube Ryals in or about 1903, lived and raised her family in and around Marianna, Florida. She is buried in the Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery, northeast of Bonifay, Florida, near the Popular Springs Community. Nora ws born in 1885 and died in 1962 (Age 77)

6. Charles Edward Shuemake, lived and raised his family in Jackson County, Florida. Charley married Lucy Pumphry. He left Lucy after the children were grown and moved to Live Oak, Florida where he died as a results of an automobile accident. He is buried at Swannee Station Baptist Church Cemetery between Live Oak and Mayo, Florida. Charles "Charley" was born 1890 and died about 1952. (Age 62)

7. Levy Shoemake who was killed by a shotgun blast is buried at the Lovewood Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery situated northeast of Chipley, Florida. He was 19 when he was killed. He was shot by Ollie Bennet. Levy was born in 1893 and died on September 8, 1912. (Age 19)

8. Sarah Annie (Shoemake) McDaniel, wife of Counsil McDaniel, live at Chipley, Florida where she raised her children. She is buried in the Glenwood Cemetery situated in Chipley, FL. Sarah Annie was born 1896 and died 1969 (Age 63) I have listed the children of James (Jim) Shuemake.

When listing the above Shuemakes, it was not the intention to leave out others, but rather to list only the children of James and Harriet, leaving it to other decendants to list their own. My Personal Record of Burial Sites

9. Mary Evelyn (Hicks) Shuemake, wife of Harring Dean Shuemake, born September 16, 1939 and died December 19, 2000, is buried in the Glenwood Cemetery at Chipley, Florida. She gave birth to three boys: Steve Allen, Samuel VanWarren, and David Ian.


Tennessee Humble Cemetery Photos, Bledsoe County

Mt. Zion Cemetery Photos, Morris K. Shoemake, Victoria, TN