Some Shoemates

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The photo on the right side is
Lorena Shoemate Barber
She is the fourth daughter of James Blane Shoemate and Mamie Bradford

The one on the left side is Leone Shoemate
She is the Fifth daughter of
James Blane Shoemate and
Mammie Bradford


James Blane Shoemate and His Wife
Mamie Bradford

They are the parents of Lorena and Leone. The photo was taken somewhere around 1930.

James Blane was the son of John Wesley Shoemate and Aminta Smith Shoemate.
(In some cases spelled Shoemake)

James was a member of the first Board of Directors of the Bledsoe County Telephone Corporation in Pikeville, Tennessee


On left is a picture of Mamie Shoemate
and her son Henry Shoemate

He was a grandson of
John Wesley Shoemate

Henry is shown wearing an Army Uniform
Apparently he was serving in the Armed Forces
When the picture was made.

William Shoemate of Bledsoe County Tennessee

James Blane Shoemate was a son of John Wesley Shoemate (Shoemake) He is listed below with his siblings:

John Wesley and Arminta Smith Shoemate had 12 children together:
1.John W. Jr.
2. Elizabeth
3. Walter
4. James Blain
5. Jerry Baxter
6. Eunnice
7 Annice
8 Thomas "Tom" (he never married)
9. Charles
10 Ida Lee
11. George
12. Annice (Living in Bledsoe County in 1980)

The Shoemate Clan of Bledsoe County, Tennessee

front row:(Left to Right) Dorothy Shoemate Sullivan and in front of her is son, James Sullivan. next to Dorothy is Jack Summers, son of Clata Shoemate Summers. next is Henry Shoemate (in overalls), James Blaine (Papa Shoemate, in white hat). next to Papa is Marie, youngest of eleven siblings. Next is Bess Shoemate, I believe her husband was Jesse Shoemate, and their daughter, Patsy.

Back row (things may get a little muddled here)
Left to Right

George Shoemate (in overalls and dark hat), Clata Shoemate Summers Holt. Clata's first husband, Marshall Summers, died and Clata later married Elbert Holt. I cannot identify the next man in the photo, but on the back of the original photo is the name, Jess, who I do not remember. However, this is the only person I am to too sure about. Next to Clata, in front of window is Mama Shoemate's brother, George Bradford. He is hard to pick out in front of that window. Next is Versa Bunch Shoemate, wife of J. B. Shoemate who is next to her.
The last two men in photo are Elbert Holt and on end of back row is Connard Sullivan.