South Carolina Shoemakes

The Tombstone
Moses Shoemake, Jr.
Son of Moses Shoemake, Sr.

Father of
George Washington, Sr.
Situated off the highway between
Hartsville and McBee, SC

The South Carolina Shoemakes are traced from Enoch and Moses Shoemake, Jr., [II]

Now I shall trace the Shoemake Families living in Chesterfield and Darlington Counties, South Carlonia to the present. Beginning with John de la Chaumette, Shoemake, Shuemake, Shuemate. Again John de la Chaumette had a son by the name of Samuel. This son had four boys: Blackley, John, Moses, and Samuel, Jr.

Records found in the Archives Building in Columbia South Carolina, Reference Number AA 6964, shows that Samuel Shoemake (Sr.) served 34 days in the SC Malitia in 1772 and was paid two pounds, eight shillings, and six pence, three farthings in silver. In another document with the same Reference Number AA 6964, Samuel is presenting a request to a Mr. William Freeman asking that the bounty be deducted for 50 acres of land used by the said William Freeman. This was done on October 18, 1785. Therefore we know that Samuel Shoemake, Sr., was in the Cheraw District of South Carolina in 1772. As other records will show, he came down to South Carolina, prior to this date along with his family. The records show that he had four sons which I have already named: Blackley, John, Moses and Samuel. Jr. The census records show that Samuel Jr., moved to Bledsoe County, Tennessee and was there listed on the census roll in 1830. Samuel Sr. died sometime prior to 1790 for he is not found listed on the SC Census in 1790. Only his wife Lucy is listed. His sons are found listed on the SC census.

Samuel Shoemake, Sr., son of John De La Chaumette of Virginia, came to South Carolina
where he died prior to 1790. I shall begin with Moses, one of his four sons.

Moses Shoemake, Sr. , B Prior to 1755, D ? X Mary_____________?

-----1. Enoch X Elizabeth, prior to 1810, (Enoch died prior to 1840)
----------(1-a) William, B. 1826
----------(1-b) Sarah, B. 1828
----------(1-c) Nelson, B. 1830
----------(1-d) Mary, B. 1832

-----2. Moses Jr., B 1808, D. 1851, X Betsy W., B. abt 1805
----------(2-a) Mary I, B. 1834
----------(2-b) Jesse, B. 1836
----------(2-c) Elizabeth, B. 1841
----------(2-d) George Washington, B 1843
----------(2-e) James K., B. 1846
----------(2-f) Moses Elias, B. 1849

-----3. Morgan, B. 1814 X Jane Warren (See Morgan Click Here)

Below, I shall trace the decendants of Moses Shoemake, Jr.

-----2. Moses Shoemake, Jr., B. 1808, D. 1853 X Betsey W._________?
----------(a) Mary I., B 1826 (Children Unknown)
----------(b) Jesse, B. 1836 (It is reported that Jesse enlisted in the Confederate Army, and after the War between the states, he never returned home). More info Click here
----------(c) Elizabeth, B. 1841 (Children Unknown)
------------(d) George Washington Shoemake, B. 1843 X Nancy Merriman (She had 6 Children by a previous marriage. They lived in the Cole Hill District (Township) in 1870). From this union was born:
---------------(d-1) John Edward, B 1869, D. 1925

----------(d) George Washington Shoemake, Sr., B. 1843 X (second marriage) Etta Jane Watkins B. 8/20/1850. D. 10/23/1917
---------------(d-2) Adder Jane, B. 1887, D. 1980 (Children Unknown
---------------(d-3) Addie, B 1887 (A Twin to Adder Jane) (
---------------(d-4) Charlotte X (Boan)
---------------(d-5) Elish, B. 1888, D. 1928 X Mopha Bradah (she was born 1888,-----------------------------died 1958) They had the following children:
---------------------(a) Beasley
---------------------(b) Toldan
---------------------(c) Clyde
----------(e) William Jess Shoemake, B. 9/25/1881, D.11/24/1952 X Sallie Marshall B 1882, D. 1922 Children by this Union:
---------------(e-1) Carnell, B. 1902, D. 1975
---------------(e-2) Pearllie, B. 1904, D. 1953
---------------(e-3) Kathaleen, B. 1906, D. 1970 (
---------------(e-4) Mamalie, B. 1911, D. 1968
---------------(e-5) Thelma, B. 1914
---------------(e-6) Luke, B. 1916
---------------(e-7) George Clifton, B. 1919
---------------(e-8) Lonnie, B. 9/27/1922, (Died 10/30/1997) X Edith J. Talber, B.6/14/1928;
----------------------------- Died 10/27/1997. Their children were
--------------------(a) William Edward, B. 9/20/1944
--------------------(b) Harry Levern, B. 6/11/47
--------------------(c) Retha Marrie, B. 11/24/1949
--------------------(d) Sallie Matilda, B. 9/25/1951
-----------------------(d-1) Richard Burr
----------(e)William Jess Shoemake (Second Marriage) Rebecca Hall, B. 1896 (Married 4/6/1926)
---------------(e-9) Margaret, B. 1/2/1927, D. 5/8/1928
---------------(e-10) Sarah, B. 3/14/1928, D. 6/10/1928
---------------(e-11) Mildred Elizabeth, B. 7/29/1929
---------------(e-12) James Leslie (Boot) B. 7/11/1931
---------------(e-13) Hubert, B. 4/23/1933, D. 6/26/1934
---------------(e-14) George, B. 4/14/1935, D. 11/30/1935
---------------(e-15) Mae West, B. 3/10/1938 (a) John McKinzey,
----------(f) Ida Shoemake, B. 1878 (No record of her children)
----------(g) George Washington, Jr., B. 1886, D. 1980 X Bessie Lee Campbell on Oct. 27, 1907, She was born on 10/27/1907; died on 7/17/1969. They had the following children:
---------------(g-1) Lula Mae, B. 11/12/1908
---------------(g-2) Melvin William, B. 9/4/1911, D. 5/20/1977
---------------(g-3) Mary Bernice, B. 10/19/1913, D. 4/16/1972
---------------(g-4) George Carson, B. 6/10/1916
---------------(g-5) Bertha Louise, B. 4/13/1923
---------------(g-6) Addie Mae, B. 4/13/ 1923
---------------(g-7) James Clayton, B. 10/14/1925
---------------(g-8) Hazel Eugene, B 10/14/1925
---------------(g-9) Ruby Lee, B 11/12/1928
---------------(g-10) Kenneth Marion, B. 10/28/1932
---------------(g-11) Dorthy Joice, B. 2/25/1934
---------------(g-12) Elsie Elease, B. 10/22/1936
----------(h) Ervin Shoemake, B. 1888 X Queen Blackwell. Their children were:
---------------(h-1) Bonnie, X Mr._____Webb
---------------(h-2) Evelyn, X Mr._____Dawney
---------------(h-3) Ervin Lee,
---------------(h-4) Hattie Mae, X Mr. ______Davenport
---------------(h-5) Annie Ruth, X Mr._______Grant
---------------(h-6) David
---------------(h-7) F. A.,
---------------(h-8) Lo Beth, X Mr. _______Kelly
----------(i ) Ben F. Shoemake, B. 10/22/1876, D. 7/16/1943 X S. Jane Kisish, B. 1883, D. 1970.
---------------(i-1) Mary, X Mr. ______Hair
---------------(i-2) Lorian, X Mr. ______Hopkins
---------------(i-3) G.P. (Bud) (d) Luiclle
---------------(i-4) Willie (f) Martha
---------------(i-5) Addie Mae X Mr.______Pridgen
---------------(i-6) Harvey
---------------(i-7) John

-----(f) James K. Shoemake, B. 1846 (Son of Moses and Betsey W. Shoemake I have no trace of his children).

-----(g) Moses Elias Shoemake. son of Moses Jr., and Betsey Shoemake. B. 1849. His sons were:
----------(g-1) John McKinzey had the following children:
---------------(a) John Arch, B 1905, in Marlboro County, S.C.
---------------(b) Bryant Everette, B. 1915 in Marlboro, County
---------------(c) Elias, B. 1905 (?) Mcall, S.C. (d) Alexander, B. 1907, D. 1972 (
---------------(e) John, B. 1905 (?) McCall, S.C.
---------------(f) B.E., B. 1916, McCall, S.C.
---------------(g) Robert, B. 1917, Laural Hill, N.C.
---------------(h) Eva, B. 1920, Bennetville, S.C.
---------------(i) Mamie, B. 1911 X Mr. ____Horn
------------(g-2) Charles Wesley Shoemake X ___________? His children were:
----------------(a) Oliver
----------------(b) Halley
----------------(c) Cora
----------------(d) Maybella

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