West Florida Shuemakes

You will notice the difference in the spelling of the name of West Florida Shuemakes than those found in South Carolina. My grandfather, James M. (Jim) Shuemake began spelling the name with a "U" upon arriving in Florida in 1897. The reason, I do not know.

West Florida Shuemakes

John de la Chaumette John had a son by the name of Samuel who came to South Carolina about 1767 This Samuel had four boys: Blackley, John, Moses, Sr., and Samuel Jr. In the following I will trace the line of Moses to the West Florida Shuemakes and to my father, Feet Herrin Shuemake, and on to myself, Harring Dean Shuemake.

Their Children:
----------(e-1) John James, B. 1877, D. 2/27/1947 X Martha Cooper, B. 12/18/1885--Died. 1/4/1939.
>>>>>>>>>> Their Children
---------------(1-a) Johnny, B. 12/7/1901 D. 5/1981 (1-b)
---------------(1-b)Willie Wade
---------------(1-c) Clarence, B. 3/21/1909 D. 1/1960
---------------(1-d) Maggie B. 1905, D. 1974 X Mr. Byron Wilder, B. 1894, D. 1969.
---------------------For Maggie's children see Descendants of John James. Click here:
---------------(1-e) Carlie, B. 1912, D. 1986 X Mr. Downing
---------------(1-f) Luther, B. 12/3/1916, D. 4/1986
---------------(1-g) Maudie, B. X Curtis Madden
---------------(1-h) Arthur B. ? D
---------------(1-i) Albeaner X Harley Woods
---------------(1-j) Irene, B. 4/21/1925 X Bobby Jones
---------------(1-k) David
---------------(1-l) Eunice, B. 7/27/1927, X James Frier. Their Children:
--------------------(a) Herman Andrw, B. 8/1/51
--------------------(b) James Drew, B. 5/7/1954

Story about one of John Sames Shuemake's Daughters: The Ole Country church

----------(e-2) Willie Z., B. 1879 D. 1951 X Sarah Ann B. ? / D.  ? No Children 

----------(e-3) Robert "Bob", B. 1882, D. X Annie Clewis,B 1882, D. 11/15/1967.
------------- Their Children:
---------------(3-a) Robert (Never Married)
---------------(3-b) Dixie X Luther Perrish
-------------- (3-c) Dasiy X Van Justice
-------------------- (a) Marie X ?
-------------- (3-d) Jannie X Tom Adkins
---------------(a) Junior, B. 10/31/1928, D. ? X Cloteel Sexton
---------------(b) George, B. 10/22/1933, D. abt 2000.

----------(e-4) Feet Herrin, B 1884, D 1969 X Abbie Perrish on October 13,
-------------- 1907
; (See WWI Draft Card)
--------------(4-a) Mamie Ree, B. abt. 1810. Married Jesse Lee Lewis/She Died in 1966. Their _______________Children were:
--------------------(a) Donald Lewis (Unmarried/Died 1966)
--------------------(b) Ronald Lee Lewis (Died age 43)
--------------------(c) Betty Jean Lewis
----------(e-4) Feet Herrin, B 7/30/1884, D. 5/1969; Second marriage to Tidie Kirkland,
-------------- B. 7/2/1903, D 10/15/1956 Married 1926 or first part of 1927. She had a son at --------------------------------the time of their marriage. He was given the name of Virgel Delmus Kirkland, but ----------------------------------his father was Richard Sasser, the husband of her sister, Metha Kirkland, who
------------------married Richard Sasser..
---------------(4-b) Billie Gene, B. 10/21/1927, D. 5/1970 X Neva B. Perrish, D. aft. 1985
---------------------Billy's name appeared on the census roll of Washington County, Florida, -----------------------------------------Hinson's Crossroads area, as William J. Shuemake in 1930..
--------------------Their Children:
--------------------(a) Judy Carol, B. 7/21/1947
--------------------(b) Dannie Ray, B. 9/1/1949
--------------------(c) Richard Carl, B, 3/9/1957
--------------------(d) Kevin Anthony, B. 2/22/1960
--------------------(e) Loretta Jean, B 8/14/1961 .
---------------(4-c) Harring Dean, B. 1/9/38 X Mary Evelyn Hicks, B. 9/16/39
-------------------- Died December 19, 2000. ( 1:05 pm)
-------------------- Their Children:
--------------------(a) Steve Allen, B. 10/9/58 X Tammie Lee Stone; divorced
----------------------- year of 2000 Remarried to Julie Haines, 2002
---------------------- (at this writting 12/29/05, they are expecting their first
----------------------- child)
--------------------(b) Samuel VanWarren, B 4/23/68 X Wendy Windham, B
-------------------------(b-1) Brian
-------------------------(b-2) Searia
--------------------(c) David Ian, B. 5/31/71 X Renea Long
------------------------They have one child as of December 2005. His name"
Ian David Shuemake, 3 years old.
---------------(4-c) Harring Dean X (2nd) Oh, Ssang Kum (Korea) 7/28/2001
---------------(4-d) J.W. (James Warren) 12/23/1945 X Annette Mitchel, B. 5/11/49 (Married 1967)
-------------------- Their Children:
--------------------(a) Gregory Warren, B. 1968
--------------------(b) Kristy Renee, B. 1978
----------(e-5) Nora, B. 12/1885, D. 1962 X Rube Ryals, B. ?; D. ? Their Children:
---------------(5-a) Lonnie
---------------(5-b) Walter
---------------(5-c) Eddie (Dude)
---------------(5-d) Melton, B 1/30/1905, D. 6/16/1987 X Thelma Viola ? (Children's name not known)
----------(e-6) Charles Edward, B. 7/14/1890, D 1952 X Lucy Pumphrey, B. 1883; D. ? Their Children:
---- ----------(6-a) Carter Jane, B. 7/11/1907 X Clyde R. Brunner
---------------(6-b) Lela Mae, B. 10/28/1914 X Simon Bell
---------------(6-c) James Alfred (Jimmy) B. 9/28/1917, D. 1984 ?
---------------(6-d) Wilburn Newton, B. 9/2/1920, D. 1938
---------------(6-e) Ruth X Mr. Hodge. Their Children:
--------------------(a) David William
--------------------(b) Mary Jane
--------------------(c) Linda Sue
--------------------(d) Larry Lafayette
--------------------(e) Bobbie Jean
--------------------(f) Dottie Lou
Levy , B. 1893, D. 1911 (Died @ 19 Years of Age)
----------(e-8) Sarah Annie,
B. 1896, D. 1969 X Council Ivey McDaniel. Their Children
---------------(8-a) Velma, B 3/19/16, D ? X Melvin Crutchfield. Their Children: --------------------------
(a) Elnora G., B. 8/24/1939
--------------------(b) Leslie Melvin, Jr., B. 1/7/1940
---------------(8-b) Cecil R., B. 8/5/1918, D. ? X Ethel Hughes
--------------------(a) Derral (Son, killed in car accident in early 1960s)
--------------------(b) Ottis Marie (Daughter)
---------------(8-c) Olan, B. 1/31/1921, D. 5/1/1977 (No Children)
---------------(8-d) Hubert, B. 2/1/24, Died 1973 (A twin) Children Unknown
---------------(8-e) Houston, B. 2/1/24, D ? (A Twin) Children Unknown
----- ----------(8-f) Clarence Ivey, B. 6/16/1926 (Children Unknown)
-----(F) Calvin
, B. 1857, D. ? (Son of Morgan)
-----(G) Hartwell
(Son of Morgan) X Margret Outlaw; 2 X (Sarah ?) Their Children:
----------(g-1) George
----------(g-2) Bogan Cash, (Son of Hartwell Shoemake) B. 1/14/1880 X Maggie, B. 11/22/1969. Their Children:
----- ----------(2-a) Oliver, B. 9/4/1909, D. 2/1/1919
----- ----------(2-b) Mary Wagdeline X Dr. John Graddy
----------(2-c) Pearl X Hoyt Watford
----- (H) Callie D.
(Sally), B.1861 X Andrew T. Hopkins (Children Unknown) The above record is as far as I can carry it with the lack of additional information.

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In the photo to the left is
James M. (Jim) Shuemake and his wife
Harriet Henryeta Raley

Photo was taken between 1875
and 1897

James was born in 1855 in Darlington
County, SC

He and his family came to West Florida
in 1897.



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Shown in the photo on the left is a picture
of my mother Tidie Kirkland and my
father Feet Herrin Shuemake.
My father was a son of James M. Shuemake.

Photo was made abt. 1955.


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