Census of Chesterfield
And Darlington Counties, SC


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South Carolina Census for Chesterfield and Darlington Counties:

1790 Census of Chesterfield County, SC

Blackley Shoemake (son of Samuel Sr. [I] son of Jean de la Chaumette
On page 378 of the census, he is listed with
1 male under 16,
2 males 16 years and older,
5 females.
He is shown to be living near Lucy Shoemake, who is believed to be his mother.

Samuel Shuemake [II], (son of Samuel Sr. [I] son of Jean de la Chaumette.
He is listed with:
1 male under 10 (being born between 1780 and 1790
2 males 10-14 (being born between 1776 and 1780)
2 males 16-upward (heads of house included)
1 female under 10
1 female 10-14
1 female over 45
Prior to 1850, only the heads of a household were listed by name. All totalthere were four males livig in Samuel's household.

Lucy Shoemake:
It is believed that Lucy was Lucy Blackli (Blackwell) before she married. It is reported that Samuel Sr.[I] lived next door to to a Blackli (Blackwell) in Virginia before moving to S.C. It also is reported that this Samuel died around 1790. Therefore, Lucy would be his widow and the mother of Blackley, John, Samuel, Jr,[II]. and Moses.In the 1790 census Lucy is shown to have the following living in her household:
1 male 16 and upwards, (This could well have been John Jr., whose father was dead and his mother married to Jesse Minton.
4 females.

Notes of Interest: 1790 South Carolina Census, St. Thomas, Cheraw, page 375, living next door to Samuel and Lucy was a Philip Thurman. The 11th and 12th houses down were John Kirkland, 11th houseand George Kirkland, 12th house. Twenty-six houses down was a Charles Rayley. The census show Samuel and Lucy living next to each other.


David Shoemake
David, listed as being under 26 years of age. His wife is also under 26.
This could be the son of Blackley who was the male under 16. Later we will find a David in Knox County, Tennessee along with Blackley. In 1790. He had the following in his household:
1 female under 10.
1 female under 26, his wife

Samuel Shoemake [II]
Samuel Shoemake, .[II],son of Samuel, Sr [I], son of Jean de la Chaumette (Shoemate) ,who came down from Virginia. He is listed as being over 45 years of age, thus making him be born prior to 1755. He is listed as having the following in his household: Records indicate that Samuel moved to Bledsoe County, Tennessee.
1 male under 16 ( being born between 1784 and 1800)
3 males between 16 and 26 (being born between 1774 and 1784)
2 females and his wife

Samuel Shoemake, III, [ listed as Jr., on the census], son of Samuel Jr [II], son of Samuel Sr [I], son of Jean de la Chaumette (Shoemate). He is a new comer. He and his wife are listed as being between 16 and 26. He has the following in his household:
1 male under 10
1 male 14-34
1 female under 10
1 female 14-34, believed to be his wife.

Moses Shoemake. (1800 SC Census)
Believed to be the son of Samuel Shoemake Sr [ I ], son of Jean de la Chaumette.
He and his wife are listed as being over 45 years of age.
The two would have been born prior to 1755. This Moses received a State land grant. (See Section of Land grants). He has the following living in his household:
1 male between 16-18
1 male 45 and upwards
1 Female 45 and upwards (Compare with Moses' wife of 1810)

John Shoemake, Jr.
Believed to be the son of John Sr, the son of Samuel Sr [I], son of Jean de la Chaumette.
This John is apparently the Son of John Shoemake Sr., who died about the year of 1784.
His mother was Elizabeth who remarried to a Jesse Minton.
The records show that John Sr. received a land grant in 1767 for 150 acres of land. This indicates that John, Sr., had a wife and one child. In 1800, John, Jr. is listed as being 26-45 years of age with 6 children: It is believed that this John moved to Tennessee and later on to Jackson County, Alabama. (See John of Alabama)

3 males under 10 ( being born between 1790 and 1800)
1 male between 10 and 16 (being born between 1774 and 1784)
1 male 26-44 (believed to be himself, being born between 1756 and 1774)
2 females under 10
2 females 10-15
1 female 26-44 (believed to be his wife)

Blackley Shoemake is not listed on the 1800 census roll. It is reported that he moved to Knox County, Tennessee where he is found there appearing in various public records of that county. This will be discussed later.


Darlington County joined Chesterfield on the east. However, no Shoemakes were listed on the 1790 or the 1800 Federal Census for Darlington relating to the Chesterfield Shoemakes.


Lucy Shoemake
is shown being over 45 years of age. Living in her household were:
2 females under 10
1 female between 18-16
* The male living in her household in 1790 ( 1 male 16 and upwards), is no longer with her. (He would have been over 36 years of age when this census was taken)
**For some reason she was not found listed on the 1800 census. She could have been missed by the census taker. It is believed she was the wife of Samuel Sr.

Abijah Shoemake.
He is new and is listed as being between 26 and 45 years of age. This means he was born between 1765 and 1784. It is reported that he lived near the county line between Chesterfield and Darlington County at Gum Branch. It is still known in the area as the "Old Shoemake Place." It is possible that this was the oldest son of John listed on the 1800 census roll.
2 males under 10 (being born between 1800 and 1810)

John Shoemake.
This John is shown as being over 45 years of age and still married. He has 4 females in his household. I have not identified this John. It is said that John Jr., had already moved to Tennessee. Therefore, I can not identify this John.
3 males under 10 (being born between 1800 and 1810)
1 male 10-16 (being born between 1794 and 1800)
1 male 26-44 ( being born between 1756 and 1774)
2 females under 10
2 females 10-15
1 female 26-44

Samuel Shoemake Jr.[II],
is not listed. It is reported that he moved to Bledsoe County, Tennessee and is listed being over 90 in the 1830 Federal Census. In 1830 he has 2 younger women living in his household. These could have been his daughters. His father Samuel Sr., who moved from Virginia is said to have died about 1790 in Chesterfield County, S.C., being about 80 years of age

Enoch Shoemake. ( census 1810)

He and his wife are listed as being between 16 and 26 years of age.(being born between 1774 and 1784) He is shown having no children. He apparently married at an early age. This is the first time he is found to appear on the census roll. It is accepted that this Enoch was the husband of Elizabeth who appears later on the census roll with:
2 males under 5 (being born between 1805 and 1810)
1 girl under 5, and
1 under 10.
*If the census record is true, Enoch would have been 16, or under, when the 1800 census were taken. Considering the children of Blackley, John, Samuel, and Moses, Enoch could have been the son of Samuel that was under the age of 16 in 1800, or since he was living in Darlington County, he could have been the son of Moses that appeared on the 1800 Census living in the household of Moses. I can not make a positive identification of Enoch, but my assumption is Moses, Sr., was his father.

Lucy Shoemake
is now listed to be over 45. She still has the 4 females living in her home, but the Male who was 16 and upward is no longer with her.


Moses Shoemake.
Moses Shoemake is now living in Darlington County, having moved from Chesterfield County between 1800 and 1810. He does not have the son who was between 16-18. However he does have another living in his household: (My belief is hat the son that is no longer with him iwas Enoch)
1 male 45 and upward
1 male under 10 (believced to be Moses Jr., born in 1808 and is burried between Hartsville and McBee, S.C. in a wooded field).
1 female 26-44 (apparently Moses' wife)

Note: Please compare the age of Moses' wife in 1800 and 1810. In 1800 his wife was 45 years of age and upwards. In 1810, his wife is listed as being 26-44. What caught my attention was that on the 1800 census they had a son 16-12, and his wife was over 45 years of age. In 1810 his wife had a son under 10. It would seem unlikely that a woman of his wife's age in 1800 would have another child under 10 in 1810. Therefore, I began looking at their ages and came to the conclusion that Moses first wife apparently died and he has remarried. I have concluded that the son by his first wife was Enoc because he was living near Moses in Darlington County, SC in 1810. In 1820 his wife who I believe to be Mary Shoemake is listed with two (2) males: One under 10 and one male 10-14. These ages corresponds with Moses Jr., and Morgan Shoemake, my grandfather, born in 1814. In 1830 Mary shows up back in Chesterfield County, along with Enoch. She still has two boys. This time one is 5-10, and the other is 15-20. At this time Moses, Jr., shows up on the census and in 1840 Morgan shows up in Darlington County. By 1830, Abijah has moved from Chesterfield County.

Enoch Shoemake.
Both he and his wife are shown to be 16-26 years of age.
He is living in Darlington County. He has no children living in his household. Both he and Moses are are now living in Darlington County. This is one reason I believe Enoch was the son of Moses,
(being born between 1774 and 1784)

Lucy Shoemake.
She is listed as being over 45 years of age. (Remember she is the widow of Samuel, Sr. who migrated from Virginia. She had the following in her household:
4 females
No boys are listed.

Solomon Shoemake.
Solomon is listed as a "freeman of color." At the time the 1790 census were taken there were 4 men living in the Georgetown District who were: James, James, Jr., Sampson and Solomon. They were either Negro or of Indian blood. In 1810 this Solomon was living in Darlington County. It is said there was no relation between those of Chesterfield and those of the Georgetown area. The area where they lived later became Marion County, S.C. From the research taken from "The Shoemake Pioneers" both Sampson and Solomon lived in S.C. many years. It is said James, Sr., was born prior to 1775 and died before 1800. It also is reported that a number of his decendants moved to Bledsoe county, Tennessee area, and to Alabama and on to Mississippi. It has been reported by some, even though I have no proof in hand that the James Sr., was a son or grandson of Jean de la Chaumette who settled in Marion County, SC., along with his family. There also are other speculations regarding these Shoemakes..( Marion County Shoemakes)

MORE INFORMATION ON SOLOMON'S FAMILY- After reading the documentation presented to me by Richard Gates, 26930 Highway 112, Robertsdale, Ala., 36567 (1999), I observed that he refers to a James Shoemake. It is believed by him that this James was in his ancestory.

There were 2 men in Darlington county in 1820 by the name of John and William Shoemake, freemen of color. These 2 men bought land which was reported to be situated a bit south of the present town of Darlington, S.C. On January 20, 1820, John bought 104 acres of land from Ephrim Jones (Book G., page 348). The preceeding date was the date of the recording. The actual date of the purchase was August 4, 1817. It was witnessed by John Graves. This land was situated near 58 acres owned by Solomon Shoemake, a man of color. The land was conveyed to both John and william. They were apparent brothers. On the same day, January 20, 1820, William made a purchase of 50 acres from John Powell. (Book G. page 347).

William Shoemake of Darlington County, S.C., died during the year of 1826 and his estate was probated by E. B. Buenson. The record states that William left his heirs-in-law Polly Shoemake, now the wife of Jeremiah Penn, Sampson Shoemake, Susan Shoemake, and Kessiah Shoemake a small track of land lying near White Oak Swamp...124 acres. The petition went on to state that he was the guardian of Kessiah. It was dated November 13, 1826. This information was found in the office of the Probate Judge of Darlington County. I learned while visiting the county office that housed the Historical records of Darlington County, that Jeremiah Penn was a man of color. I was shown his picture that was taken of him along with other men of the Confederate Army by Horace F. Rudisill. Mr. Rudisill was in charge of the office and was very much an authority on history of Darlington County. The census of October 1850, show Jeremiah and Polly Penn as well as Kessiah to be Mulatoe. This could offer evidence that William and John were both related to Solomon. This John could well have been one of the Johns who moved to Bledsoe County Tennessee.


Abijah Shoemake.
He is listed as being 26-45 years of age. (being born between 1774 and 1784) Living in his household were:
3 males under 10 ...(being born between 1810 and 1820)
1 male between 10-18...(being born between 1802 and 181810)
3 females under 10
His wife is listed to be 26-45.
* Abijah buys property in Darlington County in 1818. This will be shown later.

Enoch Shoemake
1 male 16-26 (self)
2 females 16-26
In 1810 he was living in Darlington County. In 1830, he is living back in Chesterfield County.

Abijah appears to be the older of the two: Abijah and Enoch, seeing he has more children and seeing that his oldest sone is being between 10 and 18.


Mary Shoemake.
While Moses, Sr., no longer appears on the census roll in Darlington or Chesterfield Counties, we find Mary living in Darlington County. The last time we saw Moses, he was in Darlington County in 1810. Therefore, it is believed that he has either died or left the area. However, it is believed that Mary was his widow. He would have been between 70 and 80 years of age, being born about 1740. Mary has the following livinging in her household:

1 male under 10 (I will later show this to be Morgan, born in 1814)
1 Male 10-16. (This son will later be shown as Moses, Jr., born in 1808)

* Mary was living next door to John White and John Kelly. Mary is listed as having 2 males in her home. One is under 10 and the other between 10-16. In 1810 Moses was listed as having a one son under 10. Wouldn't this correspond with the one living with Mary between 10-16? When you check the age of Moses Shoemake, Jr., who was born in 1808 and died in 1851. His grave marker is situated in a forest area about 1 mile south off the highway that runs between Hartsville and McBee, S.C. To find the grave site, one must turn off the highway at the beginning of a peach orchard if you are traveling from Hartsville to McBee. When you check the age of Morgan Shoemake who enlisted in the Confederate Army on January 14, 1862, he was 48 years of age. This makes him to be born in 1814. This agrees with the age of the second son shown living with Mary.

Solomon Shoemake
appears on the 1820 census roll of Darlington County, with his wife, but no children. He is listed as a Mulatoe, a freeman of color. In most cases this meant one was of Indian decent. It also was used to refer to a Black person who was a free person. From other research information that has been provided to me, some of Solomon's decendants moved to Waynesboro, Miss., and later on to Texas and Oklahoma.

Enoch Shoemake. He is not shown on the 1820 census. He could have been skipped by the census taker.


Mary Shoemake,
the apparent widow of Moses, Sr., who was living in Darlington County in 1820, has now moved back to Chesterfield County. She has the 2 males living in her household. She is showing a younger male 5-10 years of age. This person I have not been able to identify. He could have been a child of one of the females living in her household. However, there is strong reason to believe that the male, age 15-20 was Morgan Shoemake. Below is a list of those living in her house hole in 1830.

1 Male 5-10 years;
1 male 15-20 years; (Believed to be Morgan)
2 females, 15-20 years;
1 female 40-50, and
1 female 80-90.

Enoch Shoemake (1830 Chesterfield County)
1 male under 5
1 male 5-10
1 male 30-40 (self) Born between 1790-1800.
1 female under 5
1 female 5-10
1 female 30-40 (wife)

Notes-Enoch Shoemake
is living in Chesterfield County with his family. However, this is the last time he is found on the census roll. Apparently he dies or leaves his wife. In the 1840 census, an Elizabeth Shoemake appears on the census roll having 2 boys and 3 girls. In the 1850 census the names of her chidren appear. In 1864, the Confederate War Records show that her son William was AWOL from the army. I remember my father telling me that Morgan's brother or his brother's sons ran away from the Confederate Army and hid out in the woods and their wives would bring food out to a certain area and leave it. Then they would come out at night and eat it and would hide out during the day. It is a strange tale, but my father "Feet Herrin" told me that the one who had gone AWOL built something like a submarine that would go down under the water during the day and come up at night. This was the way he hid from the Confederate Army. This is one reason, believe Enoch was the older brother of Morgan.

Lucy Shoemake,
wife of Samuel, Sr., is still living in Chesterfield County, being well over 65 years of age. She was over 45 in 1810. It is believed by others who have researched this same line of Shoemakes, that Lucy was between 80-90 when the 1830 census was taken. Others believe that this Lucy is a different person, perhaps a daughter of the first Lucy.

John Shoemake, (No longer listed in SC in 1830)
again appears on the 1830 census roll. The last time a John appeared on the census roll was in 1800. This John would not be the same John who was in Chesterfield in 1800 for further research shows that he had moved to Tennessee and then on to Jackson County, Alabama.

Abijah Shoemake. (No longer in SC in 1830)
He is not found listed on the 1830 census. It is believed that he moved to Alabama, for he is found living there in 1836. (More information is provided later on under Special Note). However, because of his move to Alabama, it would seem to me that he would have been either the son of John Shoemake, or Samuel Shoemake [II].


David Shoemake, (No longer in SC in 1830)
who would now be between 46 and 56 years of age is no longer found in Chesterfield or Darlington Counties. As a matter of fact he is not found in South Carolina. A research of the Federal Census and Offical Documents of Tennessee, finds David is living in Knox County, Tennessee in 1805, and according to land records he is living in Bledsoe County, Tennessee in 1813.

Blackley Shoemake (No longer in SC in 1830-Boved to Tennessee and on to Ohio)
is no longer found in South Carolina, even though he was one of the 4 Shoemake brothers who first came to the State. He first came to S.C., in 1771. He apparently was the older of the sons of Samuel, Sr., who migrated from Virigina. In Virginia he lived next door to a man by the name of Blackla. It is said that Samuel's wife was a the daughter of Blackla. This could explain how Blackley received his name.

*A Blakley Shoemake is found on the 1830 census of Marion County, S.C. He was a witness to a deed issued by Sampson Shoemake, a freeman of color. This Blakley is hard to identify. The Blackley listed on the 1790 census in Chesterfield County moved to Knox County, Tennessee and then on to the State of Ohio. For some time, I could not detect the difference in the spelling of the two names: Blackley and Blakely. I thought they were the same. However, I have learned they were two seperate people. Reports state that he, Blakely, was a son of James of Marion County, SC.

*Abijah Shoemake does not appear on the 1830 census roll for Chesterfield or Darlington Counties. Neither is he found in S.C. However, he is found living in Autauga County, Alabama, with his wife Dorcas, in 1836. (Taken from the research, The Shoemaker Pioneers, by Benjamin Shoemaker, Jr.) It is believed he had a son by the name of Elijah and probably another son by the name of William H. Abijah will be discussed more under the research of the Tennessee Records.

Special Note:

Abijah Shoemake first appears on the 1810 census of Chesterfield County, S.C. He is listed as being between 26-45 years of age. He is married and has living in his household 2 boys under the age of 10. In 1820 he is listed as having 3 boys under 10 and 1 boy between 10 and 18 years of age. He is again listed as being between 26 and 45.

On April 10, 1818, Abijah is shown living in Chesterfield County, S.C., but he buys 450 acres of land in Darlington, a joining county. He bought the land from Phillip Pitman. (See Book G, page 165B, Darlington County, S.C.). On August 11, 1819, Abijah along with Mary Jones sign as witnesses on a deed made to a J.W. Godwin. (See G. P. 346)

It is reasoned that the four (4) sons also moved to Alabama with him. The 1850 census of Alabama, compared with those in South Carolina in 1820, lends itself to this assumption. In 1836, Abijah was in Autauga County, Alabama. Abijah, born in SC., prior to 1800.

** In 1850, A Robert was living in Autauga County, In 1840 he was living in DeKalb County, Alabama. Robert, born in SC., in 1806, age 44 in 1850.
** In 1840, A John was living in Bibb County, Alabama, age 22, born in SC.

** In 1850, A William H., was living in Autauga County. In 1860 he was living in Bibb County. William H., born in SC., in 1815, age 35 in 1850.
** In 1860 There was an Elijah
living in Bibb County. Elijah, born in SC., in 1814, age 46 in 1860 .

** In 1850, a John was living in Washington County, Alabama, age 32, B. in SC. From information received from the Shoemake family living in Mississippi, they decended from this John. This being the case, the Mississippi Shoemakes, living just across the State Line, were decendants from Abijah and not the Shoemakes from the Georgetown District of SC. From the information obtained from the census of Alabama, 1840, 50, and 60 the four males listed above could well be the four sons living in Abijah's household in 1820.

**Autauga and Bibb Counties are situated southwest of Birmingham, Alabama, near one another. Washington County lies north of Mobile, Alabama. .

**While I can not state who Abijah's father was, It would be factual to state that he was a son of one of the four Shoemake boys who migrated to South Carolina: Blackley, John, Samuel Jr., or Moses. He could have been the son of Samuel or John seeing that he moved to the Alabama area.


Solomon Shoemake
While, I am sure there was a John and William living in Darlington County between 1820 and 1830, only Solomon appears on the census roll. William is said to have died in 1826, and apparently John moved. William's will is found in the court house at Darlington. Solomon, John and William were said to be Mulattos.


Elizabeth Shoemake (Believed to be the widow of Enoch)
is listed on the Chesterfield Census but she is shown to have no husband. It has been reasoned that she was the widow of Enoch. She has the following living in here household:
1 male under 16
1 male under 20
1 Female under 10
1 Female under 15


There was a social article that appeared in the Hartsville newspaper in 1853 stating that a "Sister Shoemake" had been dismissed from the Gum Branch Baptist Church and had united with the Hartsville Baptist Church. Gum Branch is located between Darlington County and Chesterfield near the county line. This person could have been the widow of Moses, Jr., who died in 1853 or it could have been the widow of Enoch.


A Millie Shoemake was received into membership of the Gum Branch Baptist Church on September 19, 1857, and was excluded on August 11, 1866. Taken from the church minutes.

Moses Shoemake: (1840)
Moses age is under 40. This Moses is a seperate Moses than the one who appeared in the 1800 census of Chesterfield County. He is burried in a forest area between Hartsville and McBee. His grave marker states that he was born in 1808 and died in 1851. He shows up again in the 1850 census giving the names of his children and his wife. He has the following listed as living in his household:
1 male under 5
1 female under 5
1 female under 10
1 female under 15. Wife being under 30 It is believed that this Moses was the son of Moses Sr., and his mother was Mary.


Morgan Shoemake
This is the first time Morgan appears on the census roll. He is listed as being between 20 and 30 years of age, living in Darlington County. ( Morgan's age fits in with the male of 15-20 years of age living in the household of Mary Shoemake when the 1830 census was taken). Morgan enlisted in the Confederate Army in January of 1862 being 48 years of age. This would make him be born in 1814. When analizing the decendants of Moses, Sr., and Mary his wife, we find Mary had 2 males living in her household in 1820. One is 10 to 16 (Moses who was born in 1808) and one being under 10 (Morgan who was born in 1814)

*My father told me his grandfather was named Morgan Shoemake who lived in South Carolina. Morgan enlisted in the Confederate Army under J.T.A. Elliott in January of 1862 and was discharged in February of 1863.

*Again Morgan appeared before the Darlington County Circuit Court during the Fall Term of 1844. He was charged along with James Warren, William Warren, and Gillian Warren of "Riot and Assualt" which was listed as a true bill. (Court Minutes Journal, 1844) On page 95 of the 1844 Court Minutes Journal it is recorded that a Jane Warren was found guilty of assualt with the intent to kill. She was sentenced to 6 months in Jail and $100 fine. This occured during the Fall Term of court 1844.

* During the Spring Term of Court, Darlington County, 1845, Jane and Wiley Warren were indicted for "Retarting" abated by the death of the defendant. They were found not guilty.

* In 1860, during the Spring Term of Court, Morgan was appointed constable in Darlington County, according to the Sessions Journal, page 119. Others that were appointed at the same time were Dan W. Sanabury, John R. Shamrn, and Joe Hutchenson. I recall my father telling me that Morgan was a "Patrol" who hunted down run-away slaves. This would explain why Morgan was appointed as a constable. Morgan Shoemake Continued: The reason Jane Warren has been mentioned here is because she married Morgan. The 1860 census of Darlington County show her as being Jane Shoemake. There is a second reason that I know she was Morgans wife is because my father told me about her prior to his death in 1969. I had asked him on several occasions about my great grandfather and his wife. He told me his name was Morgan and his wife was Jane Warren. It was when I began my research that I found this to be true.

*I noticed on the 1840 census of Darlington County that Morgan was married. However, Jane Warren, who was listed as his wife in 1860, does not bear his name in 1844 when she appeared in court. It could be they were just living together at the time the census were taken.

Jurusilla Shoemake:
I have not been able to identify this person. She is shown living alone with no children. She appears only 5 names down from Morgan on the census roll.


Sarah Shoemake:
Sarah is listed as being 22 years of age and is living in the household of Elizabeth Sellers, age 38. A Sarah Sellers, age 98, was also living in the same household.

Moses Shoemake:
This is the Moses that first appeared on the 1840 census. Again, it is believed that he is the middle-aged son of Moses, Sr., and Mary. He is listed as being 40 years of age. (According to the grave marker he was born in 1808 and would be 42 years of age in 1850). His wife is listed as Betsey W. Shoemake, age 36. The following were living in Moses household:
Mary I, age 16
Jesse, age 14
Elizabeth, age 9
George Washington, age 7
James K., age 4
Moses Elias, age 1

* I visited the home of George W. Shuemake of 338 Coker Street, Hartsville, S.C., in 1977, 1978, and again in 1979. He told me about his grandfather. He said his name was "Bill". Knowing that Moses died in 1851, Betsey is shown in the 1870 census as being the wife of a William Shoemake. The name Bill is sometimes substituted for William. However, Mr. George W., identified the children living in Moses and Betsey's household in 1850 as being his relatives. He said George Washington was his father. He took me to the grave where he is burried. He is buried in the McLean Cemetery near Hartsville, S.C.

* Moses name appears on the 1850 census as "Shewmaker". Morever, Mr. George's father George Washington was listed as G.W. Shewmaker. The misspelling of the name Shoemake occurs often for the census takers spelled a name like they thought is should be rather than the way the people spelled it. Another thing, I found most Shoemakes signing a document by their mark "X" because they did not know how to spell or write.

1850 Chesterfield Census Continued....

Elizabeth Shoemake:
Elizabeth is still living in Chesterfield County and we now find the names of her children. They are:
William, age 24
Sarah, age 22
Nelson, age 20
Mary, age 18

*Enoch who is believed to be the husband of Elizabeth was last seen listed on the 1830 census. The last child shown above, Mary, would have been born in 1832. Therefore, Enoch would have died between 1832 and 1840, or either he left his wife Elizabeth.

*Elizabeth's son William as listed above, appears on the Confederate Army records as William W. Shoemake. He inlisted on October 28, 1863 into the B.G.W. Butler's Companies, Co. A., 23rd S.C. Inf., Reg., at Columbia, S.C. He was listed as being A.W.O.L on September 1st, 1864. My father told this story to me several years before his death. When I found it recorded in the archives, I related to it.

*Land records of Darlington County show a William Shoemake, not married at the time, issuing a deed for 1,500 acres of land in payment to him for $6,000, to Manuel Maren. This transaction was done on December 30, 1865. I did not find a record where Enoch bought the land, so he must have inherited it. From whom, I do not know at the time of this writing.

William W. Shoemake, the son of Enoch and Elizabeth, according to my research, shows him on the 1880 census as being married to Timpy Shoemake. He is shown as being under 57 and she is shown as being 36. William's age shows him to have been born in 1823. This corresponds to the age of William who was living with Elizabeth in 1850. There is a 3 year difference between these ages. However, that was common among many who could not read or write. Also, there were no birth certificates issued or recorded until 1930 or 35.

*On January 21, 1881 when William and Tempy sold 50 acres pf land to George Blackwell, they both signed the deed with their mark, "X". When William sold the 1,500 acres, he signed by his "Mark". They could not read or write. This being the case, I can understand how they could very in giving their ages over a 30 year period. I have a copy of this deed in hand. (Deed Book A page 172 Chesterfield County).

*William W. Shoemake, in his marriage to Tempy, had the following children: Pheoby, daughter, B. 1866 John, a son, B. 1872 Jane, a daughter, B 1875 Thomas, a son, B. 1878. Also another son Andrew, B. 1890. The 1880 census of Chesterfield Co., shown William W. to be living in the Alagator Township of Chesterfield County.

William Shoemake (spelled Shewmake) and appearing only as William on the 1870 census of Chesterfield County as being the husband of Betsey W., who is listed as a Mulatoe. William's age is shown as 43 years of age. The way this number appears on the census page it looks like 113, but it said to be 43. This is hard to determine looking at microfilm. This Betsy W., is the name of the wife of Moses Jr., and the age matches her age. The couple were living near the property owned by William Johnson, George King and Matthew Watkins. Therefore, I reason that this person is the wife of Moses, Jr., who has died. I have been to the grave site of this moses which is in a wooded are said to be on the farm where he lived. It is situated near a King Cemetery not far from the old farm place. (For more detailed information on William see the chesterfield-Darlington Census)

* When I went to the grave marker of Moses, Jr., I learned from the residents living in the area that there was a "King Cemetery" about 1 mile from Moses' grave. The Kings also owned property that joined Moses' property. Therefore, I reason that this Betsey is the same as that of Moses wife. Because this Betsey is living in the same place. To know who this Wlliam is I can not make a conclusion. However, when I visited Mr. George W. Shoemake in Hartsville, S.C., identified Betsey W. as being his Grandmother. William W. Shoemake, who married Timpy, having land on or near Lynches Creek could have inherited the land of Blackley Shoemake. It was Blackley who received a land grant in 1771 on Lynches Creek. He could have inherited it from Enoch, who may have inherited it from Lucy, who would have received it from her son Blaclkey. (This is only guess work, for there are no records to explain how he came by the property). If my records are correct, Lucy would have been the grandmother of Enoch .

*Since General Sherman and his troops burned the courthouse in Chesterfield County during the war between the states, many records are missing. Andrew Shoemake, B. 1890, the son of William and Timpy, is recorded living in Darlington and Chesterfield Counties. While I do not have a record of his wife's name, I talked with one of his sons (Joy) who was living in Hartsville, S.C., in 1978. He explained that he recalled his father Andrew and his uncle Thomas Shoemake going to Chesterfield County about the year of 1921 to see about some land that a man by the name of Northcutt had been paying taxes on that belong to William W. Shoemake. Their intentions were to get it back, but were unable to do so. Andrew and his wife had the following children: Joy, a son, B. May 5, 1911 Harvey, a son, B. 1921 James, a son, B. 1924

*Presently this line of Shoemakes spell their name "SHUMATE" *Andrew's sister Jane married a John Tyner. She is burried in the Kellytown Cementary. The date of her death is shown to be July 18, 1874.


Sarah Shoemake
Sarah Shoemake, age 30, is listed as having one girl, age 1; one boy, age 7; Sarah is prossibly the daughter of Elizabeth for she had a daughter by that name listed on the 1850 census roll. Sarah is living in the Mt. Crogham Post Office District.

Moses Shoemake, Jr., husband of Betsey W. does not show up on the 1860 census roll for he died in 1851. He is buried in a field between Hartsville and McBee, S.C.


S. Shoemake
S. Shoemake age 25,
a white male, living in Darlington County with a lad age 7, whose name is listed as W. Shoemake. (You find this lad being the age of 17 in the 1870 census living in Florence, S. C. Darlington County, and is listed as being William Shoemake).

Morgan Shoemake, (H.D. Shuemake's great grandfather)
Morgan is listed on the 1860 census of Darlington County as M. Shoemake and is shown being 36 years of age. The recording of this age is wrong. Morgan would have been 46 instead of 36. Please remember that sometimes the census taker would make mistakes and the giver would not know his exact age. In 1862 when Morgan inlisted into the Confederate Army, he is regesterd as being 48 years of age. Morgan and his wife Jane lived next door to Onner Norwood. Jane Warren, (Warren being her maiden name) the wife of Morgan is shown to be 36. Again this could be a mistake. I know this M. Shoemake to be my grandfather, Morgan, because of the names of the children. My father long before he died in 1969 had told me the names of Morgan's children. Besides that, James M. Shuemake, my grandfather is listed as one of Morgan's children. They had the following children:

Morgan Shoemake's Children:
Warren, a son, age 17, B 1843
Acquilla A, a daughter, age 16, B. 1844
Mary, a daughter, age 11, B. 1849
Hannah, a daughter, age 8, B. 1852
James M., a son, age 5, B. 1855
Calvin, a son, age 3, B. 1857
Hartwell M., age 1, B. 1859
Callie D. (Not listed on the census. She was born in 1861 and died December 6, 1914. according to her grave marker ) She married Andrew T. Hopkins.

*Nine house down from Morgan's house was a doctor by the name of R.S. Hart. There was a blacksmith living in the community by the name of Hartwell. This could have been where "Hartwell" Shoemake got his name.


William Shewmaker:
This name is Shoemake, but spelled Shewmaker. This was a mistake on the part of the census taker. They always spelled it like it sounded for many of the people didn't know how to spell their name. The census taker could have been a religious person for the King James Bible uses the word "Shew" for the word show. William is shown living with Betsey W. Shoemake. This female has the same name as Moses, Jr's., wife and is believed to be the same person for Moses, Jr., is dead. She is shown to be 65, while William is shown to be 43, it looked like 113 on the original census page.. (Mr. George W. Shoemake living in Hartsville S.C. in 1978 told me his grandfather lived to be a very old man. He said his name was Bill. The name Bill is often used for William. This being the case, William would have been his step-grandfather) At the present, I can not identify this William. (I do have a theory: In 1814 there was a Moses in Knox County, Tennessee. The Moses of 1810 in Darlington County, SC., is gone in 1820. Could it be that this Moses left SC., and went to Tennessee and in his later years came back to the home of his daughter-in-law, Betsey, to live)? (For more detailed information on William see the chesterfield-Darlington Census)

George W. Shoemake, Sr.,
George W. Shoemake
, who appears on the 1870 census of Chesterfield County was living in the Cole Hill Township, being 40 years of age. He is the son of Moses, Jr., and Betsey W. (see the 1850 census of Chesterfield County). His wife's name is Nancy. The following children were shown living in the same household. They were Nancy's by a previous marriage:
B.A. Merriman, age 17;
W.D. Merriman, age 15;
A.E. Merriman, age 13;
A.A. Merriman, age 11;
W.C. Merriman, age 9; and
J.W. Merriman, age 7.

NOTATION It was learned from Mr. George W. Shoemake. Jr., of 338 Coker Sreet, Hartsville, S. C., who was 92 at the time I spoke with him, said that his father's name was George Washington Shoemake, and Nancy, lived with his father for a short time and then left him. While they were living together, she bear him a son who was named John Edward Shoemake. Later he took to himself Etta Jane Watkins. She was born on August 20, 1850 and died on October 23, 1917. George Washington died on December 27, 1901. They are burried together in a small cemetery called "McClane" cemetary in Chesterfield County.

*It was told to me that George and Etta Jane did not legally marry until just prior to George's death. He sent for a preacher and explained that he was ready to meet God, except for one thing. He said that he and Etta Jane had never been married. The preacher told him that if they would get married all would be well in the sight of God. So, it is reported that the preacher performed the marriage ceremony. (This story was told to me by Lonnie Shoemake of Patrick, S.C., Lonnie has since died. He and his wife were killed in an automobile accident in October of 1997).

*George W. Shoemake, Sr., and his wife are buried in the McLean Cemetery near Hartsville, S.C. George Washigton and Etta Jane had the following children: John Edward who was born to Nancy in 1869 Ben, B 1876 Ida Jane, B. 1879 and Addie S., B 1879. They were twins. They lived one year. Jessie William, B. 1881 George W. (living in Hartsville in 1978) B. 1886. James (no record of his birth date) Ervin, B. 1888.

NOTATION At the time of John Edward's death, he was living on the Mountain Prong of Bear Creek. Moses Shoemake, Sr., was granted 250 acres of land on Mountain Prong of Bear Creek. How this could relate to John Edward is that Moses Shoemake, Sr. would have been his grandfather.


Those found in Darlington County in 1870 were few. However, I found those on 1860 census roll again in 1880.

William Shoemake, age 17, a white male, living in Florence, S.C. in Setters Township, Darlington County. This could have been the W. Shoemake in 1860 living with S. Shoemake.


Hartwell Shoemake
Hartwell Shoemake, was a son of Morgan and Jane Shoemake. He is living in Kershaw County in the Sherman Township. He is married to a woman by the name of Margaret Outlaw, age 30, born in S.C. In the St. Matthews Methodist Church Cemetery there is a tombstone that reads, Margret Outlaw Shoemake The census record shows they have one son by the name of George. From family history (word of mouth) Hartwell had a son by the name of Bogan Cash Shoemake. He was born on January 14, 1880. He Also is burried in the St. Matthews Methodist Church Cemetery west of Darlington, S.C., northwest of Bishopville. I spoke with a daughter of Bogan, Pearl Watford and she varified the story of Hartwell. She was a granddaughter to Hartwell.Morgan's first wife was Maragaret Outlaw. She is buried at St. Matthew's Methodist Church Cemetery near Bishopville, SC. Buried next to Bogan is his wife Maggie Shoemake, his son Oliver Shoemake. Maggie was born on November 22, 1869. She was 78 years of age when she died. Oliver was born on September 4, 1909 and died on February 1, 1919. His death was caused from a mad dog bite. Other children born to Bogan were: Mary Wagdeline, married John Graddy, a doctor who practiced medicine in the area. B. June 6, 1891. Pearl Shoemake, married Hoyt Watford. *I spoke with Pearl in 1978 about the death of Oliver Shoemake. It also was learned from Pearl that Hartwell left his wife and moved to Northwest Florida.

*In the St. Matthews Cementary is the grave of Margaret Outlaw Shoemake. She was the wife of Hartwell. Her father's name was Kinnon Outlaw. Hartwell Shoemake was listed on the voters registration in 1876 as being Hartwell Shormack. (Here again is the misspelling of a name). Also it is reported that Hartwell moved to Florida and apparently took to himself another wife. Her name was Sarah. According to my father and other kinfolks, she was called Auntie. There was a Sarah Ann Shoemake found listed on the census roll of Holmes County, Florida in the 1910 census. (This was in the Popular Springs Community). It is believed that Hartwell was dead by 1903 when my grandfather and my father moved to Mississippi on covered wagons. My father's brother Willie Z., and Sarah lived together in Jackson County, Florida until her death. My father related much of this story to me.

Warren Shoemake
Warren Shoemake, the oldest son of Morgan and Jane Shoemake is shown on the 1880 census of Darlington County, S.C., as being 38 years of age, born in Hartsville, S.C. His wife is Mary, age 40. She apparently had been married before. Her maiden name was Walters. The step children listed in Warren's household were:
-----(a) Queen Stokes, age 21 (Step daughter)
-----(b) Gabe Stokes, age 17 (Step son)
Mary J. Shoemake, age 40 (His wife)
-----(c) William Shoemake, age 13 (Son)
-----(d) Sally, age 11 (Daughter)
-----(e) Jane, age 8 (Daughter)
-----(f) Green, age 7 (Son)

*In a document obtained from the Darlington County Historical Society, Warren Shoemake was admited to an insane institution on May 10, 1881. In those days it was called a "Lunatic Asylumn." (Table No. 22, Darlington County, page 336)


Historical Note: Bishopville, where my father was born, was named after Dr. Jacques Bishop who bought the land in 1821 from the widow of William Singleton who died in 1798. Singleton and his wife operated a tavern there that served as a stopping place for the stage coach that operated between Georgetown and Charlotte, N.C. It was at that time known as Singleton's Crossroads. There were 117 living in the area in 1830 who voted. It is believed that it was at this time the town was named Bishopville. In 1850 the town had 12 stores. In 1880 a sawmill moved there.

James Shoemake
James M. Shoemake, (my grandfather), the son of Morgan Shoemake, appears on the 1889 census of Sumpter County. (The area he was living at the time was Bishopville which is now situated in Lee County. Lee County was made up of part of Sumpter some time later after 1880). James is listed as being 25 years of age, being born in 1855. His wife is listed as being Harriet Henryetta (Raley) Shoemake, age 22. She was the Daughter of John Raley, who was a grand son of Lt. Charles Raley. At this time they have 2 sons:

(a) John James, age 3, and
(b) Willie Z., age 1.

Jane Shoemake,
age 60,(Jane Warren Shoemake)
is listed right below her son, James M., on the census roll. (1880) She was the widow of Morgan Shoemake and the mother of James M. (Jim) Shuemake, She has in her household three girls. They are:

(a) Mary, age 28
(b) Aquilla, age 26, and
(c) Sally, age 24 (On her grave marker, her name is stated Callie). In 1978 when I visited a daughter of Bogan, Pearl Watford, she verified that Sally and Callie were the same person.


*In 1900, on the census roll of Darlington County, Stokes Bridge Township, Aquilla Shoemake, a daughter of Morgan Shoemake, age 40, and Bogan Shoemake, age 20, son of Hartwell Shoemake and a nephew to Aquilla, were both living in the household of Andrew Hopkins and his wife Callie (Sally) D. Shoemake. Andrew Hopkins was a medical doctor. Callie D. Hopkins was listed as being 39 years of age on the 1900 census. As stated above she was the wife of Andrew Hopkins. She is burried in the St. Matthews Methodist Church Cemetery, situated northwest of Bishopville, S.C. ( She was the last child born to Morgan and Jane Shoemake).

James M. Shuemake, listed above, moved to Northwest Florida in 1897. It has been said that he was in Charleston, SC a short time before going on to West Florida. His children were:
-----(a) John James, B. January 23, 1877 / Died February 1947
-----(b) Willie Z., B. 1879 / Died 1951
-----(c) Robert "Bob", B. March 8,1882 / Died June 22,/ 1952
-----(d) Feet Harring , B. July 1887 / Died May 1969
-----(e) Nora, B. December 30, 1885 / Died 1962 married Rube Ryals
-----(f) Charles Edward, B. 1890 / Died 1952
-----(g) Levy, B. 1893 / Died September 8, 1912 (Levy ws shot and killed in Jackson County, Florida by Ollie Bennet).
-----(h) Sarah Ann (Annie) B. 1896 / Died 1969, married Council McDaniel

* The spelling of the name Shoemake, was changed to Shuemake when James M. moved to Northwest Florida.


John James Shuemake lived and raised his family in and around Mayo, Florida. He is buried in the Plesant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, 9 miles SW of Mayo, Florida. He was born in 1877 and died in 1947. (Age 70)

Willie Z. Shuemake and Hartwell Shoemake's widow (Sarah "Auntie")
llived together in Jackson County, Florida, south of Marianna, Florida. Both are burried in the cemetery at Hickory Level Baptist Church. (Jimmy Shuemake, son of Charles Edward Shuemake is also buried there. He died in the early 1980s). Willie Z., was born in 1879 and died in 1951. (Age 72)

Robert (Bob) Shoemake
lived and raised his family in Chipley Florida. He married Annie Clewis. They lived in Chipley, Florida. They had the following children: Robert who died at a young man. He was drowned in the Escambia Bay, near Pensacola, Florida while working with the L & N Railroad. There were three daughters:
--(a) Daisy, married Van Justice
---------They had one daughter: Marie
-----(b) Dixie married Luther Parrish
---------They had no children in this marriage.
-----(c) Janey married Tom Adkins
---------They had two sons from this marriage.
---------(1) Tom Junior
---------(2) George

More will be said about these later. Robert is buried at the New Effort Christian Church Cemetery situated west of Bonifay, Florida, north, off Highway 90. Robert was born on March 8, 1882 and died on June 22, 1952. (Age 70)

Feet Harring Shuemake settled in Chipley, Florida were he raised his family. He died in April of 1969. He is buried in the Piney Grove Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery, southwest of Chipley. He is buried next to his wife, Tidie Kirkland. Feet was born July 30,1884 and died May 3, 1969 (Age 84 and 10 months)

Nora (Shuemake) Ryals, who married Rube Ryals in or about 1903, lived and raised her family in and around Marianna, Florida. She is buried in the Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery, northeast of Bonifay, Florida, near the Popular Springs Community. She along with her husband and one son are buried here: Rube Ryals, Walter Ryals. Nora ws born in 1885 and died in 1962 (Age 77)

Charles Edward Shuemake, lived and raised his family in Jackson County, Florida. Charley, as he was called) married Lucy Pumphry. He left Lucy after the children were grown and moved to Live Oak, Florida where he died as a results of an automobile accident. He is buried at Swannee Station Baptist Church Cemetery between Live Oak and Mayo, Florida. Charles "Charley" was born 1890 and died about 1952. (Age 62)

Levy Shoemake who was killed by a shotgun blast is burried at the Lovewood Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery situated northeast of Chipley, Florida. He was 19 when he was killed. He was shot by Ollie Bennet. Levy was born in 1893 and died on September 8, 1912. (Age 19)

Sarah Annie (Shoemake) McDaniel, wife of Council McDaniel, live at Chipley, Florida where she raised her children. She is buried in the Glenwood Cemetery situated in Chipley.

Sarah Annie was born 1896 and died 1969 (Age 63) She and her husband, Counsil McDaniel, are buried in the Gleenwood Cemetery at Chipley, Florida.


Nancy Shuemake, (correct spelling on the census), age 45, a white female, is listed as having one son. His name is Burrelle, a white male, age 25. She is the ex-wife of George W. Shoemake, Sr., the son of Moses, Jr. The couple had a son, John Edward Shoemake, who lived in the Cole Hill Township, on the mountain prong of Bear Creek on Sugar Loaf Mountain. John Edward was a half-brother to George W. Shoemake, Jr., who lived at 338 Coker Street, Hartsville, S.C. (Again, the area is the same as was the land owned by Moses Shoemake, Sr.). John Edward Shoemake's father, George Washington Shoemake, Sr., the son of Moses, Jr., was living in Kershaw County, S.C. in 1880.

Millie Shoemake age 43 ( born abt. 1837) was living in the Cheraw District in 1880 with the following children:
-Lee, age 13
---Burrelle, age 11
---William, age 8 Samuel, age 5


A Millie Shoemake was received into membership of the Gum Branch Baptist Church on September 19, 1857, and was excluded on August 11, 1866. Taken from the church minutes.

George Washington Shoemake, Sr., who I have already discusssed was living in Kershaw County 1n 1880. I am not able to deal with each of his children for the lack of research on my part. However, I shall offer enough information to establish a link between the several Shuemake families. Following is George's oldest son by Nancy his first wife. John Edward Shoemake., born in 1869 and died about 1925. He owned 120 acres of land at the time of his death situated on the Mountain Prong of Bear Creek, Cole Hill Township. He married a Mary Ellis and the couple had two children from this marriage. They were:
-----(a) James Shoemake
-----(b) Laura Shoemake

These names appear on a document filed with hte Probate Judge's office in Chesterfield following his John Edward's death. I have copies of these documents in hand. In my conversation with Mr. George W. Shoemake, of Hartsville in 1977, he told me that John E. divorced Mary following John shoving her down on the bed and her brother coming over and beating up on him. Mary's parents were Jacob and Martha Ellis. John E. then married a woman by the name of Carrie Jacob. John E. was the oldest son of George Washington and Nancy.Mr. George W. Shoemake, 338 Coker St. Hartsville, SC (1978) was a half brother to John E. Shoemake.

William Jess Shoemake
William Jess Shoemake who was born on September 25, 1881, died on November 24, 1952. He was the son of George Washington Shoemake Sr.,and Etta Jane Watkins. He married Sallie Marshall in the year of 1889. The children born to this union were:
--(a) Carnell Shoemake, B. 11/18/1902 / D. 2/13/1975;
-----(b) Pearllie Shoemake, B. 2/17/1904 / D. 03/1953;
-----(c) Kathaleen Shoemake, B. 2/13/1906 / D. 1/5/1970;
-----(d) Mamalie Shoemake, B. 9/28/1911 / D. (?) ;
-----(e) Thelma Shoemake, B. 2/2/1914 / D. (?) ;
-----(f) Luke Shoemake, B. 12/13/1916 / D. (?);
-----(g) George Clifton Shoemake, B. 7/13/1919 / D. (?) ;
-----(h) Lonnie Shoemake, B. 9/17/1922 / D. 11/1997 from an automobile wreck. Both Lonnie and his wife Edith were in a car accident, and both were killed instantly. (November 1997).

William Jess Shoemake, married a second time after the death of his wife, Salle Marshall. He married a Rebecca Hall on April 6, 1926. She was born on December 30, 1896. She had one child by a previous marriage whose name was Grace Dell Hall, B. 6/11/1922. From the union of William Jess and Rebecca Hall, the following children were born:
-----(a)Margaret, B. 1/2/1927 / D. 5/8/28;
-----(b) Sarah, B. 3/14/1928 / D. 6/10/28;
-----(c) Mildred Elizabeth, B. 7/29/1929;
-----(d)James Leslie, (Boot) B. 7/11/1931;
-----(e) Hubert, B. 4/23/1933 / D. 6/26/1934;
-----(f) George, B. 4/14/1935 / D. 11/30/1935;
-----(g) Mae West, B. 3/10/1938.

Lonnie Shoemake,
a son of William Jess Shoemake and Sallie Marshall, (his first wife), and a grandson of George Washington, and a great grandson of Moses and Betsey W. Shoemake, and a great, great, grandson of Moses and Mary Shoemake who were listed on the 1810 Cesterfield County Census, was born on September 17, 1922. He married Edith Juanita Talbert, who was born on June 14, 1928. The couple lived in the Cole Hill Township, the Bear Creek School District. Their home was near the land owned by Moses and the home place of John Edward.. The couple died in an automobile accident in 1997. Lonnie and Edith had the following children:
-----(a) William Edward, B. 9/20/1944;
-----(b) Harry Leverne, B. 6/11/47 Retha Marrie, B. 11/24/1949
-----(c) Retha Marrie Shoemake, B. 11/24/1949
-----(c) Sally Matilda (Tillie), B. 9/25/1951

* Lonnie and Edith were married on October 16, 1943. The information regarding Lonnie's father, grandfather and etc., was provided by Lonnie and his wife. The couple died in 1997 as a result of an automobile accident.

* George W. Shoemake, Jr.,of 338 Coker Street, Hartsville, S.C.,
was born on January 15, 1886 and died on February 1, 1980 at the age of 94. He was married to Bessie Lee Campbell. She was born on February 2, 1893 and died on July 17, 1969. The couple were married on October 27, 1907. They had the following children 12 children:
-----(a) Lula Mae, B. 11/21/1908;
-----(b) Melvin William, B 9/4/1911 / D. 5/20/77;
-----(c) Mary Bernice (Cook McElveen) B. 10/19/1913 / D. 4?16/1972;
-----(d) George Carson, B. 6/10/1916;
-----(e) Bertha Louise (Chapman) B. 9/29/1918;
-----(f) James Clayton, B. 3/31/1921;
-----(g) Addie Mae (Perdue) B. 4/13/191923;
-----(h) Hazel Eugene, B. 10/14/1925 / D. 12/25/1976;
-----(i) Ruby Lee (Boatwright), B. 11/12/1928;
-----(j) Kenneth Marion, B. 10/28/1932;
-----(k) Dorthy Joyce, B. 2/25/1934;
-----(l) Elsie Elease (Lee), B. 10/22/1936.

* George W. Shuemake, Sr., and Morgan Shoemake were related. Morgan was his uncle.
Moses Shoemake, Sr., (B. Prior to 1755) father to Moses Shoemake Jr (B. 1808);
Moses Shoemake Jr., was the father of George Washington Shoemake, Sr.,(B. about 1830);
George Washington Sr., was the father of father to George W. Shoemake, Jr., (B. 1886).

Moses Shoemake, Sr., (B. prior to 1755) was father to Morgan Shoemake, (B. 1814);
Morgan Shoemake was father to James M. Shuemake, (B. 1855);
James M. Shoemake was the father of Feet Herrin Shuemake (My father B. 1887);
Feet Herrin Shuemake was father to Harring Dean Shuemake (B. January 9, 1938). That is me.
(When you start counting kinfolks it sometimes becomes difficult. However, here is the way the above works:
Moses Jr., and Morgan were brothers;
George Washington, Sr., and Morgan were nephew and uncle.
Morgan would have been an uncle to George Washington, Sr.,and George Washington, Sr., and my. grandfather James (Jim) Shoemake would have been First Cousins. This would make all the children of George Washington and my grandfather James (B. 1855) second cousins. My grandfather, James M. Shuemake, was a first cousin to George Washington Shoemake, Sr., and William Jess Shoemake; My father, Feet Herrin, B. 1884, would be a second cousin to to George W. and William Jess.

Lonnie Shoemake was a son of William Jess Shoemake,
and he would have been a third cousin to my father. This would make me, Harring Dean Shuemake, to be a fourth cousin to Lonnie. I would then be a fifth cousin to Lonnie's children. (Now I know this is streaching kinship, but that is the genealogical link). This makes me Fifth cousins to the children born to Lonnie.

Moses Shoemake
born prior to 1755, who was married to Mary, according to the 1790, 1800, 1810, and 1820 census. They had three sons. It is believed that Enoch was the oldest, Moses Jr., B. 1808, and died in 1853, was the second, and Morgan, B. 1814, was the third. Just think all of this had its beginning when Jean (John) de la Chaumette left France in about 1685, going on to London, England and later showing up in America, in the colony of Virginia about 1723. (See attached letters from Mrs. T. K. Strong). This John de la Chaumette was the father of Samuel who was born about 1710. Samuel was the father of Blackley, Samuel, Jr., John, and Moses. These all settled in Chesterfield County, S.C., about 1760-70. Latter they took up land grants in that county. Again I would point out that the name Chaumette was Americanized when John de la came to America. It was spelled Shomate, Shomark, and in other forms. In another area of this journal this is more fully explained.