The Raley Family of South Carolina

James "Jim" Shuemake, B. 1855, married Harriet Henryeta Raley, B. 4/12/1857. The year of their marriage is not certain, but their first child, John James Shuemake, was born in 1877. They would have married prior to that date.

Harriet was the daughter of John Raley who lived in the Turkey Creek Community near Bishopville, S.C. She was among the 18 children fathered by John. Her mother was Martha Adams Mosley. John was a grandson of Lt. Charles Raley who served in the Revolutionary War and homesteaded land in Kershaw County which joins Chesterfield, Darlington, and Lee Counties. Lee came off of Sumpter County in 1802. (See Raley Ancestry)

Records which I have in my hands, (South Carolina Land Grants), issued to Charles Raley and a copy of his will gives evidence that he was the grandfather of John Raley of Bishopville, S.C. The first land grant was issued for 320 acres of land, situated in the Camden District, Kershaw County on Buffalo Creek waters of Lynches Creek. This was issued on March 3, 1800. The second grant was for 110 acres of land situated in Kershaw County on the branches of Buffalo on the side of Lynches Creek. This was done on September 3, 1800. (Copies of these land grants can be found in the S.C. Archives, State Grants, Vol., 46, Page 554 and Vol., 46 page 295). I have copies of these grants in hand at the time of this writing.

Records found at the Court House in Camden, Kershaw County, S.C., state that a Charles Raley married Sarah Owen on November 5, 1789. (Batch # 7611804-90; Patron Sheet 1,058,396)

This Charles Raley has been identified as CHARLES RALEY (1) who was born 1705 in Ireland, and died 20 Aug 1802 in Kershaw SC. He married SARAH WAGNER. They had a son whose name was WILLIAM CHARLES RALEY (2), b. 1740; d. 1802, Kershaw County SC. He was the father of CHARLES RALEY (3) who married Sarah Owen.( November 5, 1789) He was born 11 Feb 1764 in Onslow Co.N.C., and died 19 Dec 1839 in Morgan County Alabama. He is the father of John W. Raley, my great grandfather.

Also I have a copy of the hand-written will of Charles Raley (2). In the will he states his wife's name as Teemson Raley. He was WILLIAM CHARLES RALEY (2), son of CHARLES RALEY (1) was born 1740, and died 1802 in Kershaw County SC. He married TEEMSON.(See a copy of his will. Click here ) He is burried at the Bethany Cemetery north of Bishopville, SC. I have not identified who Teemson was before marriage. However, the will does identify his sons. They were John, John West, James , William, and Thomas. The will was witnessed by John Artis, Richard Holley, Sr., and Mary Artis (She signed by her mark). Charles Raley also signed by his mark. The will was recorded on August 20, 1802 in Will Book D-1, page 253, by order of I. Alexander, Apt. 58, Pkg., 2026. A typed copy of this will is being included in this writing.

In 1978, my brother James and I visited the home of Robert Lee Raley, 427 N. Denis Avenue., Bishopville, S.C., and was able to see the Raley Family Bible which was at that time 104 years old. John Raley was his grand father. Robert was born on August 10, 1907. His father's name was Charles Hilton Raley, a brother to Harriet Heneyeta Raley, and the son of John Raley.

The Bible apparently was handed down from Charles Raley. The following information was found on one of the family pages: (See Raley Photos and Bible: Click Here)

John W. Raley was born on April 19, 1814. / Died 4/23/1885. (See Footnote)Prior to 1884, he was married to Levina Stroud who died between the birth of their last child in 1850, and his marriage to Martha (Adams) Mosley in 1854. The children born to John and Levina were:
William Raley, B. 1833 Nancy Raley, B. 1839
Samuel A. Raley, B. 4/28/1841
Elizabeth Raley, B. 5/26/1843
Mary Raley, B. 10/12/1845
John Raley, B. 12/17/1847
Martha Raley, B. 5/14/1850

John Married Martha (Adams) Mosley in 1854. They had the following children:

Liley Masra Raley, B. 12/25/1854
Sara Caroline Raley, B. 3/4/1855
Rebecka Jane Raley, B. 7/23/1859
Harriet Henryeta Raley, B. 4/12/1857 *
LevinaMasura Raley, B. 2/1/1862
Thomas Edward Raley, B. 8/25/1864
Queenan Kathy Rosa Raley, B. 2/28/68 *
Elisar E. Raley, B. 9/20/1869
Charles R. Hilton Raley, B. 8/23/1872 *
Abraham William Raley, B. 5/8/1878
Ruth M. Raley, B. 5/4/1875

Special Note:

* Harriet Henryeta Raley married James (Jim) Shuemake about the year of 1876.
* Queenan Married Al Burtch Blackwell. In 1903 they had three children.
* Charles Hilton Raley married Cathrin Norris. They had the following children:
Robert Lee Raley, B. 8/10/1907
Charles Raley, B. 5/19/1901
Luke Raley, 5/9/1912
Robert Lee Raley married Polly Arrent. Their children were:
Robert Junior, B. 6/7/1932
Martha Jean, B. 7/29/1937


* There is an apparent discrepancy in John being a son of Lt. Charles Raley. You see, Charles died in 1802, and the records show John being born in 1814. I have used my reasoning to try and figure out this apparent discrepancy. There seems to be a son between Lt. Charles Raley and John. The four sons of Charles were John, William, Thomas, and John West. Now, when I go back and check the names of John's sons, I find the first one named William, the next son was Samuel, the third son was named John, the fourth son was named Thomas and the last son was named Charles R. Other than Samuel, all the other sons were named after Lt. Charles Raley's sons. Therefore, one may conclude that John Raley, if he was born in 1814 was a son of one of the four sons of Lt. Charles. Since the first son of John was named William, I would select William to be the Father of John. However, if the Bible is correct that he was 89 at his death, (See Raley Ancestry)

Second Footnote:

The same Bible that recorded the births of members of the Raley Family also recorded several deaths. They are: Martha Raley, wife of John Sr., died 2/14/1877 John Raley, Jr., died 12/30/1882 John Raley Sr. (89) died 4/23/1885. Ruth Raley Blackwell died in July 1896 Rebecka Raley Tolbert died in August of 1901 Abraham Raley's wife died 7/11/1933

* Harriet Henryeta Ralley Shuemake died on or about 1/1/1938. Her mother being an Adams, whould make her related to the Adams Family. John Adams was the second president of the United States. He served between 1797-1801. John Quincy Adams, served as sixth president, between 1825-1829. I wonder if by chance we were related. Harriet's death was not recorded in the Bible. I have placed her death here because she was my grandmother.

I was told by Robert Lee Raley that Jeff Adams who lived in Bishopville, was a relative of Martha Adams Mosley Raley. He also told me that Elmore Tolbert married Rebecka Jane Raley, Harriet's sister. When talking with Robert in 1877, he told me the Raleys came from the White Plains Community in Chesterfield County, S.C. prior to moving to the Turkey Creek Community. Moreover, he said that they lived in the Turkey Creek Community, north of Bishopville, S.C. and that they were living in this community when James "Jim" Shuemake and Harriet Henryeta married.

Robert told me of the cementary where John Sr., and his wife were burried. I visited the grave site. They were burried in the Bethany Cementary in the Turkey Creek Community which is situated about 15 miles Northwest of Bishopville. The grave marker for John stated that he was born in 1814 and died in 1885. Here again we have a conflict with the death records found in the the Raley Family Bible. The Bible states John was 89 when he died and he died in 1885. Again I must conclude that John was born in 1786 to Lt. Charles Raley. When we read the will of Lt. Charles Raley that gives evidence that he died in late 1802, John was recorded in his will. Now a possibility would be that Lt. Charles's son John had a son by the name of John whose name we find recorded in the Bible. However, we must conclude that John Raley who is burried in the Bethany Cementary is a decendant of Lt. Charles Raley.

The Raley Will Continues:

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