Donations and Contributions

YOU can help us continue to make the Chesterfield Genealogical Research Library a HUGE success!

Please contribute the information that you have gathered on your family for our files by filling out and sending in your Ancestor Chart and Family Group Sheets. We would also like to encourage members with a few hours to spare to volunteer either at the research library or from the comfort of your home.  Please fill out this form below with the requested information and someone will reach out to you with more information and details.  As our ancestors have provided us with all this information, and so others may benefit from your hard work as researchers, please consider What Will Become of Your Research.  The Chesterfield Genealogical Society would be more than willing to provide you with a location for your research material and provide other researchers with any information you have provided us with notations of where and how the information was obtained.  

The Chesterfield Genealogical Society is always in looking for any type of Donation you would be interested in providing.  Monetary donations assist the society in the purchase of genealogical reference books, CDs, microfilm/ microfiche, and back issues of genealogical periodicals and other society newsletters.   Donations can be made in honor of a living relative or in memory of a loved one. These people or their families will be notified of your donation.


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