Chesterfield District Genealogy

Chapter of the

South Carolina Genealogical Society

Chesterfield District Genealogy Society

P.O. Box 167 

Chesterfield, South Carolina 29709

Chesterfield District Chapter, S.C.G.S. publishes quarterly the Chesterfield District Chronicle. We hold regular monthly meetings the second Sunday of each month except July and December. Some of the the projects that we are involved in are: collecting church histories from all the denominations in our area and encouraging these churches to have their records microfilmed, adopting and cleaning abandoned cemeteries, and having memorial markers placed for our county’s war dead.

We are a chapter of the South Carolina Genealogical Society of which there are 13 other chapters all across the state. S.C.G.S. holds a Summer Workshop each July at the South Carolina Archives and History Center in Columbia and their Annual Meeting each Fall. S.C.G.S. publishes quarterly the Carolina Herald and Newsletter and other beneficial books periodically.

If YOU, or anyone you know, has historical records of Chesterfield County, or anyplace, the Chesterfield District Genealogical Society would love to provide you a place to preserve for your original or copies of your family records. 

Please consider donating your historical records to our society or another place of your choice to ensure your family history is safe.

New Website Updates

Welcome to the NEW Chesterfield District Genealogical Website.  We have developed this site, with a new and hopefully a more user friendly design.  There have also been many changes to the way some items are displayed with some new items added to give the user more detailed view of some of the records available.

Original copies of a large number of our transcribed pension files have been added to the website so you can see what the entire original file held. 

We now have access to military pension rolls for the years 1896-1918 and 1934-1938.  These documents have not been indexed, and are not available to browse at this time, but if you have someone you believe may be included, please e-mail  us with your ancestors name, and the time frame you are looking for and one of our volunteers will review the records and get back to you.  Plans are being made to index these records at a later time.

Did your ancestor ever hold an office?  Have you ever wondered how much they made?  We have access to some record set that may provide some of this  information for 1935-36 and 1940. We also have access to some Oaths of Office some of your ancestors may have signed.  Again, please e-mail us with the information you are looking for and a volunteer will review the records and get back to you.

There are many other new record set that are being inventoried and reviewed for inclusion in the societies record inventory documenting your ancestors past.  

Upcoming Meetings and Events

All Society meetings are held at the Old Chesterfield Courthouse, 100 Main Street, Chesterfield SC, 29709 at 3:00 pm on the 2nd Sunday of each Month with the exception of July and December.  Currently Meetings are being held across the street in the Chesterfield Branch Library Meeting Room.

Below are a list of the upcoming meetings or other events we believe members or nonmembers alike would find useful for their research.  For a more complete calendar of events, please check our Events page.

There are no upcoming events.