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Below are links that we believe will assist you in your research as a beginner or an old hat.  All of these sites are free and full of educational information for genealogists.

Family History Podcast
Genealogy Gems Podcast
Family Search Beginning Genealogy
10 steps to start your family tree
Cyndi’s List of Links for Beginners
Evidentia for Beginners
BYU TV Ancestors Series

Maps and Map Resources
of Chesterfield County

Select Land Plats for Chesterfield County

Note:  This is a KMZ file to be used with Google Earth, this is not the standard land plat.

Chesterfield County Sanborn Fire and Insurance Maps
Maps tracing the  Formation of Counties in South Carolina
Chesterfield District, South Carolina. Mills, Robert, 1825
Chesterfield County Geographic Information System (GIS)

Chesterfield County Cemetery Locations – This map was created by Gerald Adams, a member of the Chesterfield Facebook Page.  This is the start of his project trying to document all the cemeteries in one location, providing a GPS location as well and a mapped location.  

Chesterfield County Research Links


Family Search Wiki Information – Information on Chesterfield County SC provided by Family Search.  Information is provided by persons with knowledge.  This site is very similar to a standard Wiki page.
Cyndi’s List Links for Chesterfield County – This is a Link page to other sites and information regarding Chesterfield County SC.
Olde English District – Chesterfield County Tourism –  Tourism information on events and activities to do in Chesterfield County
Cheraw, South Carolina – Cheraw town link 
National Register of Historic Places, Chesterfield County – A link to those areas around Chesterfield County that are included on the National Register.
Historical Markers of the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina –  Link to a map of the Pee Dee Area.  Select Chesterfield County and look at the Historical Markers ,their locations and some information regarding the county.  This is not a complete list.  A more complete list of the 19 markers can be found here.
Chesterfield Historical Pictures – Explore Chesterfield County through the eye of a photographer.  Visit this site ( South Carolina Picture Project and see some amazing pictures.
Southern African American Heritage Center – Information regarding the center.  Attempts are being made to get additional information regarding the heritage center located in Cheraw, SC
Roots and Recall – 
Carolina Family Roots Blog
Find-a-Grave (Chesterfield County)
Chesterfield County Cemeteries List  –  
This list is as developed by the South Carolina Genealogical Society Cemetery Project.  Chesterfield County is developing a more detailed list of all cemeteries as comprised of this list in combination with the Find-a-Grave list and the Chesterfield County GIS information.
Pageland Historical Society
Secretary of State, Abstract of Voter Registrations Reported to the Military Government, 1868, Chesterfield County
Archive Viewer ( Chesterfield County
1915-1922 Birth Certificates

Chesterfield County Family Name Websites

Below are a few groups of links that always prove useful when searching for family or location histories.  

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