Our thanks to Betty Garland Pullman and Shirley Whisnant for providing the following John A. Garland Bible informaiton.



J.W. Garland b.4Oct1819 (This is John  Wesley Garland, father of John A. Garland)
Vinah Garland b.5May1819 (This is Lavinia (Vinah/Vina) Stack Garland, mother of John A. Garland)

These are siblings of John A. Garland (Children of John Wesley & Lavinia)

Huriah Garland b. 14Oct1846
W.L. Garland b.5May1848 (This is Washington Lafayette Garland)
Lewis Garland b.14Sep1849
Thomas Garland b.23Jan1851
Amos Garland b.23July1852
Mary Garland b.27Nov1853
J.A. Garland b. 22Mar1855 (This is John A. Garland)

These are children of John A. Garland & 1st wife Sarah
G.L. Garland b.4Oct1878 (You said this was Garry L. in 1880 Census)
C.F. Garland b.25Oct1880 (Son of John A. & 1st wife: Charlie Frank Garland & he moved to GA and he had a son Curtis Garland)
M.E. Garland b.26Dec1882

These are children of John A. Garland & 2d wife Anna Horn
Ola Garland b.27Apr1888
J.L. Garland b.23Jun1891 – Luther killed in WWI in France
Mae Garland b. 26Sep1893
Annie Garland b. 9Jun1896
T.L. Garland b. 18May1899 (This was Thomas Lee Garland)
Kate Garland b.1July1903
Infant b. 13Jan1902
Mamie Garland b. 9Apr1906
Infant b. 26Mar1908
Frances Garland b. 14May1909
Mattie Garland b. 10May1912

·         DEATHS

S.E. Garland d. 6Jul1884 (This was John A. Garland’s 1st wife Sarah)
G.L. Garland d. 1Aug1888
M.E. Garland d. 5Aug1884
Infant d. 12Feb1902
Infant d. 26Mar1908
J.A. Garland d. 7Aug1914 – PAPAW GARLAND (This was John A. Garland)
J.L. Garland killed in 1st War (This was J. Luther Garland, son of John A. Garland)
Vinah Garland d. 24Mar1855 (This was John A. Garland’s mother Lavinia Stack Garland & 1st wife of John Wesley Garland)
Mary Jane Garland d. 3Oct1854 (This was sister of John A. Garland)
Amos Garland d. 10Dec1855 (This was brother of John A. Garland)
John W. Garland d. 9May1865 (This was John Wesley Garland, father of John A. Garland)

·         GRANDPA HORN

Moses Horn b. 14Oct1840 (This was father of Anna Horn)
Sarah Horn b. 12Dec1834 (This was mother of Anna Horn)
Harvey B. Horn b. 16Oct1865 (This was brother of Anna Horn)
Anna L. Horn b. 26Jan1869 MAMAW GARLAND, J.A.’s 2nd Wife.  (This was John A. Garland’s 2d wife)

·         MARRIAGES

John Garland m. Anna Horn 22Jul1886
Moses Horn m. Sarah Stack 29Jan1865
Harvey B. Horn m. Nealie Pigg 28Dec1890

Sarah Horn died 26Sep1896 (This was mother of Anna Horn)

I believe this was typed from the Bible by the grandchildren of John A. Garland, as they show Papaw Garland by John A’s death and Mamaw Garland, J.A.’s 2nd wife by Anna Horn’s birth date.

John A. Garland is buried at Smyrna Cemetery, Monroe, NC.  We have his death certificate.

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