Kirkley Family Bible

Martha Kirkley Curry, of Dallas, Texas, forwarded the following Kirkley Family Bible information to Dallas Phelps. Dallas forwarded it on to us. Our thanks to the both of them.

Record of the family of Thomas and I. J. Kirkley


Thomas Kirkley was born March 17th A.D. 1803

Isabella Jane Murchison was born March 31st A.D. 1811

Children of Thomas and I. J. Kirkley:

William Patterson Kirkley was born March 8th A.D. 1833

Thomas Martin Kirkley was born June 16th A.D. 1835

Isabella Jane Kirkley was born August 19th A.D. 1837

Sarah Francis Kirkley was born August 4th A.D. 1839

James Simon Kirkely was born August 22nd A.D. 1841

Margaret Elizabeth Kirkley was born November 21st A.D. 1842

Mary Jane Kirkely was born August 15th A.D. 1849

Benjamin Franklin Kirkley was born June 24th A.D. 1851


Thomas Kirkley and Isabella Jane Murchison

Were married October 19th A.D. 1830


Thomas M. Kirkley and Gilla Ann Sowell were married in Chesterfield Dist. South Carolina July 26th A.D. 1860

Richard L. Edgeworth and Margaret E. Kirkley were married in Chesterfield Dist South Carolina

Holden F. Liles and Sarah F. Kirkley were married in Chesterfield District South Carolina November 6th A.D. 1860

James S. Kirkley and Cornelia A. McGough were married in Union County, Arkansas December 19th A.D. 1867

William P. Kirkley and Elizabeth G. Edgeworth were married at Marietta, Georgia

Benjamin F. Kirkley and Luvenia Ann Graham were married in Jefferson Co., SC December the 28 1878


Thomas Kirkley (Father) died September 1st A.D. 1858

Aged 55 years 5 months 14 days

Isabella J, Kirkley (Mother) died May 20th A.D. 1864

Aged 53 years 1 month 20 days


Isabella J. Kirkley died October 1st A.D. 1846

Aged 9 years 1 month 13 days

Mary J. Kirkley died July 29th 1865

Aged 14 years 11 months 14 days

Sarah F. Liles died October 9th A.D. 1870

Aged 31 years 2 months 5 days

James S. Kirkley died December 20th A.D. 1872

Aged 31 years 3 months and 28 days

W. P. Kirkley departed this life October the 5 1882

Aged 28 days 7 months 49 years

Margaret Murchison (Grandmother) died February 29th A.D. 1872

Aged 88 years 3 months 10 days

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