Gardner Diary

Lewis E. Gardner was born October 12, 1853, and died January 31, 1925, the son of Daniel Gardner.  For years he maintained a diary of events and weather as well as records of births, deaths and marriages that he performed in his duty as a Notary Public in the Jefferson area of Chesterfield County, SC.  His records are now in the possession of a granddaughter that continues to live in Jefferson.  You will find abstracts of births, deaths and marriages that he recorded.  Many of the marriages he did not record the date, however, most were performed before county records were kept.  Please keep in mind the period of time Mr. Gardner was magistrate, he sometimes used terms that are no longer acceptable by today’s standards.

My seven brothers named here were born,

1841 John Columbus Gardner
1843 James William Gardner
1845 Samuel Thomas Gardner
1847 Benjamin Daniel Gardner
1850 Joseph Franklin Gardner
1855 David Jesse Gardner
1858 Robert Charles Gardner

John Gardner (my father’s brother) born Feb. 16, 1799, died February 24, 1864

Mary Francis Miller born February 1, 1851, my wife’s sister

Elizabeth Jane Miller, born November 11, 1854, my wife’s sister

John Fletcher Miller, born November 18, 1863, my wife’s brother

James Walter Miller, born November 2, 1869, my wife’s brother

John S. Miller & Elizabeth Fletcher married September 21, 1848, these are my wife’s parents

Clarence Lee Thomas born August 23, 1880

William Edwin Griffith born Jan. 29, 1899

Maj. John S. Miller, born March 21, 1818, my father-in-law

Elizabeth Miller, born November 25, 1826, my mother-in-law

  1. Alice Gardner, born June 15, 1860, my wife

Lewis Edward Gardner, born October 12, 1853, myself

Julia Flake Gardner, born August 26, 1892, my daughter

Roland Miller Gardner, born May 13, 1896, my son

Henry Weisler Gardner, born October 17, 1887, my son, died October 24, 1887

Mary Fletcher, my wife’s grandmother born November 20, 1796

Michael Miller, my wife’s grandfather, born December 28, 1784

William M. Miller, born August 5, 1849, my brother-in-law

Charlton Louis Thomas, born February 17, 1917, my grandson

Jane Evans, born November 11, 1854, my wife’s sister

Alice Eleanor Thomas, born April 20, 1922, my grandson

Virginia Lee Thomas, born May 8, 1924, my granddaughter

Daniel Gardner, my father, died September 8, 1872

Susan Gardner, my mother, died in 1859

My father’s brothers were as follows:

John, uncle John lived at Tiller’s Ferry, SC & died February 24, 1864

Thomas, uncle Tommy moved to Mississippi prior to the confederate war.  He raised a large family of children, he died many years ago.

My grandfather was Wm. Gardner, my grandmother was Jane Gardner

Elizabeth Miller, died May 19, 1906, my mother-in-law

Maj. John S. Miller, died March 23, 1888, my father-in-law

John F. Miller, died July 28, 1898, my brother-in-law

Brother Jim married Miss Victoria King, Nov. 16, 1865, was paralyzed in 1908, and died in 1909

Mrs. Sallie E. Miller, wife of W.M. Miller was stricken with paralysis on Wednesday evening June 2, 1909 and died next morning the 3rd

Adam Eubanks died April 18, 1894

Asa Kirkley died April 1, 1894

Sheard Blakeney was burned to death in a log cabin February 14, 1888

Mr. Tommie Threatt, father of Miles Threatt, died January 14, 1892

Mr. Robert Griffith, father of Bill Griffith, died March 26, 1892

Bob Joplin, died July 25, 1897

Charlotte Miller, Colored, died July 29, 1897, she was one of J.S. Miller’s slaves

John McLemore, died July 8, 1899

James Madison Miller, brother of J.S. Miller, born April 7, 1816 and was killed by Sherman’s followers March 2nd 1865, and was buried at Five Forks Church.

Cassie Boan was murdered in a horrible manner on Monday night March 12, 1900.  She was a white woman of bad character.  The place where she was murdered was out in the sandhills near Peter Campbells.

Mr. John Oliver died December 19, 1899

Mr. Loyd Jordan, died December 30, 1899

Ellison Luellens mother and son was drowned in the branch near Dr. B.F. Garland’s home, August 5, 1901, she tried to cross the branch just after a rain flood, but the force of the water was so strong it washed the wagon, mule, niggers and all down the stream.

John A. McMillan, father of T.H. McMillan died October 18, 1901

Jas N. Jowers, father of Mrs. E.N. Raley died March 13, 1891

B.A. Evans died May 28, 1902

Joe Demby died May 29, 1902

Allen Love died May 30, 1902

Capt. E. Motz Mgr of Brewer Gold Mine died in Jefferson, SC July 13, 1904

Evan S. Rallings died October 8, 1912

Dr. B.F. Garland died January 29, 1908

Load Miller, Col. died April 28, 1909

Joe Cunningham’s two boys were burned to death in a brush heap on Sammie Fletcher’s place in 1908, Joe had the reputation of being a might bad nigger

David J. Gardner died May 7, 1912, my brother

Noah Pate, an old negro slave, died June 16, 1915

Dr. T. Threatt died February 19, 1906

Mrs. Bill Holley returned from Asheville, NC November 13, 1908 and died the 14th

Mrs. Evie Blackwell died Feb. 5, 1909

W.C. Raley died Sept. 15, 1909, father of L.E. Raley

Elisha Ellis died October 17, 1909

  1. Wells Vaughn died Feb. 11, 1910

Salathiel Horton died June 1, 1911; his wife died June 23, 1911; Lula Ogburn, his daughter, died July 3, 1911; Fannie Horton, his daughter, died August 12, 1911

W.R. Fletcher died March 17, 1912

John L. Lowry died April 12, 1914

Emily W. Miller, widow of Michael Miller, died February 19, 1915

Mrs. L.D. Ogburn died March 17, 1915

Mrs. Wade Price died May 28, 1918

Samuel T. Gardner died July 13, 1918, my brother; his wife, Sallie C. Gardner was born Oct. 5, 1846 & died March 7, 1903

C.C. Jenkins died Jan. 19, 1917

Mr. George W. Blackwell died March 5, 1909 & buried at Plains, SC the 7th

Alice, daughter of S.L. Gay, died April 24, 1900

Mrs. F.M. Welsh died Dec. 24, 1900

Mr. John A. Kirkley died November 16, 1900

Mrs. George W. Gregory MD, died Dec. 12, 1899

Etna, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Evans died Aug. 30, 1902

Mrs. Matilda Miller, wife of Steven Miller born Jan. 1, 1815 and died May 10, 1901

Steven Miller, brother of Maj. J.S. Miller born Jan. 14, 1813 and died June 23, 1852

Mrs. Francis Miller, Maj. J.S. Miller’s mother, born May 5, 1782 and died May 12, 1852

Michael Miller, J.S. Miller’s father born December 28, 1784 and died Dec. 21, 1874

Mrs. Jane Evans, wife of C.L. Evans born Nov. 11, 1854 and died June 23, 1881

Mr. Joel Oliver, shoemaker at Jefferson, born August 11, 1850

Jas Poston, veteran, born August 29, 1832

F.M. Welsh, veteran, born Feb. 22, 1839

Wm. Griffith born July 15, 1851

J.N. McLauchlan born April 6, 1860

R.A. Griffith born Dec. 11, 1875

W.M. Manstine born Aug. 3, 1853.  He came from Columbia to Jefferson and served as police in 1920

J.T. Jewett was born April 20, 1844

L.S. Horton born December 8, 1878

R.L. Horton born Aug. 7, 1881

Kelly Johnson died Feb. 7, 1925 at the ripe old age of 92 years

  • The following pages gives the names of persons married by L.E. Gardner, Notary Public; failed to record dates until had married 41 couples.  “W” stands for white couples, “N” stands for Negro couples.

N – Andrew Fletcher to Emma Crawford

N – Jack Griffith to Eliza Miller

W – Smiley M. Jordan to Armenta Knight

N – George Howell to Orrie Joplin

W – John J. Knight to Hennie Hunter

W – Jim Boan to Martha Viner

N – Charlie Daniels to Jane Sowell

N – Tom Evans to Ann Lowry

N – Rich Dunlap to Sallie Miller

N – Isaac Bell to Alice Collins

N – Frank Jordan to Grace Sowell

N – Berry Hasty to Julia Covington

N – Hamp Todd to Mat Blakeney

N – Nathan Ponds to Ann Blakeney

W – John R. Miller to Ann Arant

N – John Drakeford to Margaret Miller

N – Pete Griffith to Fannie Tedrick

W – Tom Boan to Annie Knight

N – Charlie Newman to Alice Leach

N – Jim Trotter to Mary Howell

N – Bill Wooley to Emma Ogburn

N – Jeff Phifer to Ann Richardson

W – Frank Kirkley to Sarah Smith

N – John McNair to Lizzie Miller

W – Bud Williams to Nealy Grooms

W – Charlie Melton to Beckie Hopkins

W – Lewis Blackmon to Lizzie Hopkins

W – Hugh Rallings to Nealy Rallings

N – Oscar Coppage to Leitha Miller

W – Horace Baker to Orrie Griggs

W – W.J. Melton to Lula Campbell

N – John Galloway to Hanna Buchanan

W – Jack Sutton to Maggie Deas

N – Ed Miller to Vie Miller

W – Marshall Steen to Eliza Melton

W – Samps Rallings to Angeline Boan

N – Harsell Howell to Amy Roberts

N – Babe Miller to Annie Mungo

N – Jim Duren to Cattie Leach

W – Buck Kirkley to Annie Jordan

W – Luke Miller to Sharp Baker

W – Steve Jenkins to Mary Jackson March 22, 1903

W – John Rallings to Lou Kirkley October 26, 1903

W – Wilson Brown to Mary Melton November 13, 1901

W – Dove Jordan to Hattie Sullivan March 1, 1903

N – Walker Johnson to Mary Teal Jan 19, 1902

W – Albert Leard to Bennick Jordan May 16, 1902

W – Otis B. Miller to Lula Davis December 27, 1903

N – Ben Miller to Ella Watts

  • ‘I have decided to record the names of parties I have married and leave off dates.  My old book shows dates left off here’

W – W.E. Blackwell to Ethel Scruggs

W – Jerome Witaker to Kate Baker

W – Richard Oliver to Lillie Eubanks

N – John Derry to Lou McCoughan

W – John Rollings to Hattie Eubanks

Tom Baker to Hattie Lockhart

W – Lewis Kirkley to Lou Gregory

N – Wiley Duren to Ella Threatt

W – Steve (or Pete) Robertson to Hattie Boan

N – Will Mungo to Florence Brown

W – John Eason to Ellen Oliver

N – Tom Horn to Lillie Raley

W – Walter Jordan to Leila Hinson

N – Will Horn to Shella Sowell

N – Lonnie Cato to Janis Miller

W – Alvis Eubanks to Flonnie Hilton

W – Minor Jordan to Beulah Cato

W – Herman Eubanks to Krittie Kirkley

W – Dee Nicholson to Eveline Sowell

N – Jim Sowell to Ida Leach

N – Met Dunbar to Rose Mack

W – Jim Broom to Cora Boan

W – W.P. Ganey to Metta Hopkins

N – Will Henry to Josie Hunter

N – Edgar Miller to Bertha Horton

W – W.R. Rallings to Annie Kirkley

W – Phillip Hinson to Pearle Jordan

W – J. Chap Rallings to Alma Hinson

W – Lonnie Rallings to           Hopkins

N – Andrew Jackson to Bulah Bracy

W – J.H. Ragsdale to Rosan Catledge

N – Brack McMillan to Cattie Miller

W – Coyt McCaskill to Mary Gardner

N – Jim Bracy to Lola Joplin

W – Julius Hopkins to Essie Boan

W – Willie Snipes to Dezzie Horton

W – Raymond Eubanks to May Price

W – Sam Boan to Maymie Mills

W – Sandy Sullivan to Flonnie Deason

W – Walter Kirkley to Mary Belle Hammonds

N – Rich Lockhart to Ollie Miller

W – Arthur Sullivan to Thetie Demby

W – Elgin Seegers to Beulah

N – Willey Hough to Frances Miller

W – Luther Deason to Lillian Raffaldt

W – Rich Melton to Pinkie Robertson

W – Jim Oliver to Annie Eubanks

  • The remainder of the marriages recorded by L.E. Gardner conducted after 1915 can be found in the Chesterfield County Marriage Registers in the Court House Probate Office.  Mr. Gardner continues to record in his diary various events that may be of interest.

J.W. Miller and Miss Hattie Gregory were married March 16, 1898

Dr. E.G. Brasington and Miss Beulah Evans were married Nov. 28, 1894

R.E. Evans and Miss Lura Laney were married June 28, 1898

Mr. W.L. Sowell died Nov. 10, 1918

Mrs. W.L. Sowell died Nov. 19, 1918

My little granddaughter Alice Thomas was born April 20, 1922

Daniel Whitfield Gardner, my cousin, died November 13, 1912

Geo. Nelson, son of Mrs. Rebecca Nelson, was killed by runaway mules Dec. 25, 1880, he was one of my playmates during early life.

Samuel Baskins, my step-brother, married Miss Harriet Tiller of Tiller’s Ferry neighborhood.  He was born May 30, 1852 and died August 29, 1893.  His wife was born Feb. 1, 1858 and died July 17, 1917.

The dead body of John F. Garland was buried in the new cemetery at Jefferson, SC, May 5, 1915.  Funeral services conducted by Rev. A.W. White and J.M. Sullivan.  Relatives present: Mrs. J.F. Gardner (wife); Mrs. Lillie Clarkson (sister); Mrs. Fodie Smith (sister); Mrs. Flora Garland (mother); Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Garland (brother and wife); James Garland (brother).

Mr. G. Wells Vaughn was carried to Mexico May 8, 1909 and died at Kershaw, SC, February 11, 1910

Dr. G.W. Gregory and Miss Ella Blackwell were married May 1, 1900

Capt. F.M. Welsh died April 7, 1921 and was buried in the Jefferson cemetery.

Mrs. Nelle E. Small died at her home in Heath Springs, SC, Saturday night May 21, 1921 and was buried in the Heath Springs cemetery

  1. Frank Baker born Aug. 7, 1852

William L. Gardner born June 21, 1872

Mack A. Raley born June 20, 1900

  1. Robert Rallings born Dec. 27, 1878
  2. Newton Lee born Aug. 31, 1874

J.G. Sowell (Bogue) born Nov. 5, 1878

Joel Oliver born Aug. 11, 1850

Mr. W.J. Kirkley, son of Asa Kirkley was married to Miss Jane Sullivan, daughter of John Sullivan, Dec. 25, 1893.  The marriage ceremony was performed by L.E. Gardner at Mr. John Eubanks residence down on the Shannon place near Jefferson, SC.  Mr. John Sullivan was living in one of W.M. Miller’s houses on the road leading to Brewer’s Mine at that time.  Mr. Kirkley lived in Florida in 1892 and when he came home he gave me a nice walking stick.  It is orange wood with an Alligator cut on it at the top.

The rest of the diary events take place mostly in the 1920’s and are probably easily obtainable thru other records

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