James Steen was born in (County Antim) Ireland about 1734, came to America with his brothers, other relatives and perhaps his father’s family about 1755.  After a temporary residence in Pennsylvania he removed to the South, and located permanently in Union District, SC.  He was a man of great energy, a staunch Presbyterian in faith, and an enthusiastic patriot.  At the breaking out of the Revolutionary War he joined the Colonial Army as a soldier.’ (The Steen Family in Europe and America by Rev. Moses D.A. Steen, D.D. 1900)  He led a company during the Snow Campaign, a company against the Cherokee, was commander of Prince’s Fort in 1777, in 1779 served in Georgia at Stono Ferry and at the Seige of Savannah, served in Charleston until 1780, at which by this time was a Lieutenant Colonel; was in the Battles of Rocky Mount, Hanging Rock, Musgrove’s Mill, Kings Mountain, and probably Cowpens.  He died in Rowan County, NC being stabbed to death while attempting to arrest a Tory.  (South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution by Bobby Gilmer Moss, 1983.)  James Steen married in Union County to Elenor Boggan (or Bogard) and they were the parents of Richard Steen, married Nancy McDonald, Sarah Steen, James Steen, married Jane Graham, and William Steen, married Sarah Vance.  James Steen, son of James and Elenor Boggan Steen, relocated from Union County, SC to Chesterfield County, SC, where he died in 1820. He is the ancestor of the Chesterfield and many of the surrounding counties Steen families.

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