“The name Blakeney is thought to have originally been suggestive of dark, or black, and may have been applied to one who had a swarthy complexion, black hair, lived in a black cave, or dark forest, or dyed black the skins with which he clothes himself, or led his adherents into battle protected by a black shiel, or carrying a black banner.  Whatever may have been the origin of the name there is evidence that it came from the North of Europe and was in existence in Normandy prior to the Norman invasion of England… Among those who received recognition (from William Duke of Normandy after the Battle of Hastings) was a Blakeney, or de Blakeney, who had settled in Norfolk, where the family was in possession of consideration landed property until the Sixteenth century, when the male ancestors of the Castle Blakeney and Mount Blakeney families went over to Ireland, as the greater portion of their property in Norfolk was inherited by a female.”— Edgar L. Rivers

John Blakeney, immigrant from Ireland, arrived in the colony of North Carolina about 1750, in Granville County.  There he witnessed the Will of John Lynch on August 31, 1753.  It is not known for sure when he relocated to Cheraw District, but on April 12, 1773, he became an overseer of the poor for St. David’s Parish; in 1774, he was a member of the SC Congress; in 1775 he was elected Captain of Militia.  His company became a part of Benton’s Reg., Marion’s Brigade.  He also served as vestryman for St. David’s in 1776.  He began obtaining land on Great Lynches Creek (Lynches River) in 1785, when he purchased 100 acres from James McManus.  Two months later he received a land grant of 300 acres.  He and his sons continued obtaining land grants and owned considerable property in the northwest section of what became Chesterfield County, SC.  Captain John was born cir 1732 and died 1832.  The known children of Captain John Blakeney are: Jane Blakeney, Mary Blakeney, Thomas Blakeney, John Blakeney Jr., Robert Blakeney, William Blakeney, James Blakeney, and Hugh Blakeney.

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