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The same as Patrick and Pageland, McBee was named after a railroad executive; in this case, V.E. “Bunch” McBee, born July 26, 1849, in Greenville Co., SC, the son of William Pinkney and Harriett Butler McBee. Bunch McBee was one of South Carolina’s leading forces in the building of railroads, was responsible for the Columbia, South Carolina to Hamlet, North Carolina line, which runs through McBee, and was at one time superintendent of the Seaboard Air Line Railway.

McBee, incorporated in 1902, when it became the starting point of the Columbia, Monroe, and Charlotte Railroad. Even though the downtown area has deteriorated, there are industries around the area that supports the 715 inhabitants. In fact, according to Mayor Levorn Mack, within 5 miles of the town about 1500 people work. Two large firms operate there, A.O. Smith and Talley Metals. And, of course, McBee is well known for the peach industry.

The Old McBee Train Depot still stands today, and has been converted into a Railroad Museum and the town library, within holds the history of the railroad system with many displays covering many aspects of a bygone era.



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