Nancy Blakeney/Widow of John Blakeney

State of North Carolina }
                Anson County }                                         On this 21st day of July 1836, personally appeared
before me one of the acting Justices of the Peace in and for said county John Blakeney a soldier of the Revolution aged 78 years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7, 1832,

That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated;

Was called out by the authority of the State of South Carolina in the year 1776, as well as I now recollect and marched from Chesterfield District under Capt. Standard, Sgt. Loyd and then under General Moultra to Georgetown then to Hadderals Point then to James’ Island served two months and was discharged by Capt. Standard and returned home in a short time. I was ordered out under Capt. William Duct May, Loyd and General Moultra and marched to Camden then to Orangeburgh halted there about one week then marched to Black Swamp and there joined General Sinkhorn then marched to Puningsburgh on Savana River where I including two hundred men was left as guard one month then we were marched to Charleston and in about one month was discharged by Capt. Duct, served three months returned home there a short time and was called out under Capt. Hendricks May Thomas and Col. Benton General Marion marched to the long Bluff on PeeDee River then to Sand Pitt River near Georgetown then to Walboo near Monks Corner there had a fight with the British from there we were marched to Bluford on Santee River there stationed about sixteen days served two months and there discharged by Capt. Hendricks and returned home. I then went to Mecklenburgh County, NC to my relations and there a short time and was drafted into the service for three months under Capt. Rogers Maj. White Col. Ervin and Gen. Rutherford and marched to the lower part of North Carolina to Wilmington and about the lower part of the State then marched to Dupelin Court House then near Hillsborough from there to the head of Little River then up country served three months and was discharged by Capt. Rogers and returned home to Chesterfield District, South Carolina, there short time and was called out under Capt. Deason and Col. Marshall and marched to Camden there joined Gen. Green from there marched to Black River and other places not recollected, served two months and was discharged by Capt. Deason and returned home. The month or year when I performed the above service I cannot recollect at the present day making a term of 12 months that I served a private foot soldier which I claim a Pension.

Also served two months as a quartermaster in Maj. Rosses Detachment of Horse, was Adjutant one month in Col. Bronctons Regiment six months and ten days duty as Private Soldier which the certificate contains that has been exhibited before me from the records of the State is correct as now appears to my mind I rendered the service to the U.S. which said certificate contains under Grade and by the authority as certified in said certificate which appears to be ten months and eighteen days agreeable to the certificate received from the Company General dated Twenty Third day of June 1836. Columbia, South Carolina which said certificate his here annexed which is as the papers I can provide in proof of my claim my discharges was burnt many years past in my house with my furniture nor do I know of any person now living by whom I could establish any of my services, I made application in the District Court where I live in 1833, as well as recollected living 27 miles from the Court House and 40 miles from Mr. Graham my agent I have not seen him since but sent me word there – some amendment but what I am not able to state and to be carried to the Court House again, I never expect to be again, there my age and infirm state of body are such is the reason I have made application in this way and out of the state where I live before Samuel Park it is convenient for me in my present situation. I live in half a mile of the North Carolina line and convenient there to a Clergyman and a Justice of the Peace the statement which I have here made of my service is as far as recollected at this time but believe it far short of all the service rendered during the Revolutionary War the lapse of time and the loss of memory has put it out of my power to state any further.

  • Q1. Where and in what year were you born?
  • Ans. I believe in the City of Bute in the State of North Carolina 14 day of January in the year 1758, my father moved from there to Rowan County near Salisbury there he moved to South Carolina.
  • Q2. Have you any record of your age and if so where is it?
  • Ans. I have in a family Bible kept by my father of his children’s ages.
  • Q3. Where were you living when called into service and where have you lived ever since the Revolutionary War and where do you now live?
  • Ans. I lived in South Carolina now Chesterfield District when called into service and continue to live near the same place to the present day.
  • Q4. How were you called into service, were you drafted, did you volunteer or were you a substitute and if a substitute, for whom?
  • Ans. A part of my service called out by the authority of the State, a part a volunteer, once drafted in North Carolina.
  • Q5. State the names of some of the regular officers who were with the Troops where you served such continental and militia regiments as you can recollect and the general circumstances of your serivce.
  • Ans. General Sinkhorn, General Green, General Marion, General Monltry, and General Rutherford.
  • Q6. Did you ever receive a discharge from the service and if so, by whom was it given and what has become of it?
  • Ans. Yes, I received, I believe in every service from my officers but they got burnt in my house many years past.
  • Q7. State names and persons to whom you are known in your present neighborhood and who can testify as to your character for veracity and their belief of your service as a soldier of the Revolution.
  • Ans. Jesse Lewalter and Job Williams

I hereby relinquish every claim whatsoever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares his name is not on the Pension Role at the agency of any State.

Sworn and subscribed the day and year above before me.

Samuel Parker, J.P. 
John Blakeney

I Jesse Lewellen Clergyman do certify that he resides in the neighborhood of John Blakeney the above applicant for thirty-seven years and that he was considered to be a soldier of the Revolution and I have never heard anything to the reverse and I believe him to be of the age here stated and I Job Williams residing in the same neighborhood that I have been acquainted with the applicant John Blakeney for twenty-five years and as well as recollected it was stated he was a soldier of the Revolution and have never heard it disputed and believe him to be of the age he was above stated, and we who have subscribed to this certificate consider said Blakeney a man of credit and that he was a soldier of the Revolution and the statement that he has made of his services is correct to the best of his recollection.

Sworn and subscribed before me this 21st day of July 1836, that he is too infirm to be carried from his dwelling at the present day.

Jesse Lewellen
Job Williams
Samuel Parker, J.P.

I Samuel Parker, one of the Justices of the Peace in and for Anson County in the State of North Carolina living in the neighborhood of Jesse Lewellen and known him for twenty years as Clergyman and Job Williams a man entitled to credit and John Blakeney. I have been acquainted with and consider him entitled to credit and after putting him the Interigation prescribed by the War Department I believe him to be a soldier of the Revolution and that he is too infirm to be carried far from his dwelling.

Given under my hand this 21st day of July 1836.
Samuel Parker, J.P.

State of North Carolina }
Anson County }

I Norflet D. Bogan Clerk of the City Court of Plea and Quarter Sessions do hereby certify that Samuel Parker is one of the acting Justices of the Peace in and for the city of
Anson State of North Carolina and the signature purporting to be his genuine.

Given under my hand and the seal of office.

This 23rd July 1836
N.D. Boggan, C.C.

South Carolina }
Chesterfield District } October 22, 1851

Personally appeared Nancy Blakeney before me WR Griffith Judge of the Court of Ordinary for said District and State aforesaid a resident of said District aged 81 years who being duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the Act of Congress passed 2nd February 1848 and 29th July 1848, that she is the widow of John Blakeney who was a Pensioner of the United States at the rate of $48 or $49 per annum on account of sisors in the Revolution. She further declares that she was married to the said John Blakeney in Seventeen hundred and eighty-five or six.

And that her husband the aforesaid John Blakeney departed this life on the ___th day of March One thousand eight hundred and forty0eight.

That she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service but ___ marriage took place previous to second day of January Eighteen hundred to wit at the time above stated she further swears that she is now a widow and that has never before made any application for a pension. Declarement offers evidence of her marriage to the aforesaid John Blakeney, her family register showing ages of her children, Issue of their said marriage which records she strictly believes to be correct and is _______to attached.

Sworn to and subscribed the                        her
day and year above written              Nancy Blakeney
WR Griffith                                                     mark

Ordinary CD


Nathan Beaver
William L. Funderburk

Declaration For Widow

She further states that she was married to the said John Blakeney in the County of Anson State of North Carolina by John Jackson a Justice of the Peace and that her name before her said marriage was Nancy May and husband died at residence 31 March 1849.

Captain John lived in Bute County, North Carolina where John Jr. born, moved to Rowan County near Salisbury then moved to Chesterfield District, SC according to John’s Declaration for Pension.

April 4, 1939

Mrs. J.O. Porter
Lancaster, SC

Dear Madam:

Reference is made to your request for information relative to John Blakeney, a Revolutionary War Soldier of Chesterfield County, SC.

The data which follows were obtained from papers on file in the Pension Claim, W. 2716, based on the military service of the only John Blakeney of SC that is found in the Revolutionary War records of this officer.

John Blakeney was born January 14, 1758 in Bute County, North Carolina. The names of his parents are not shown. He moved with his father from Bute County, North Carolina to Rowan County, near Salisbury, and from there to South Carolina.

While a resident of Chesterfield District, South Carolina, John Blakeney enlisted and served as Private with the South Carolina Troops as follows: 1776 served 2 months under Capt. Standard; then served 3 months under Capt. William Duct and Major Loyd; next served 2 months under Capt. Hendricks and Col. Benton and was in an engagement with the British at Wadboo near Monks Corner. He then went to Mecklenburg County, North Carolina to see his relatives there and soon enlisted and served three months as Private in Capt. Roger’s Company in Col. Erwins NC Reg. He then returned to his home in Chesterfield District, South Carolina and soon afterward enlisted and served two months as Private with South Carolina troops under Capt. Deason and Col. Marshall. He served from February 6, 1779 until April 14, 1779 as Quartermaster with South Carolina Troops in Maj. Francis Ross’ Detachment of Horse. He then served 28 days with SC Troops as Adjutant in Col. William Bratton’s Regiment. He was allowed pension on his application executed July 21, 1836 at which time he was living in Chesterfield District, South Carolina within one half mile of North Carolina line.

John Blakeney died March 30, 1848 in Chesterfield District, South Carolina.

This soldier married in 1785 or 1786 in Anson County, North Carolina to Nancy May. She was allowed pension on her application executed October 22, 1851, at which time she was living in Chesterfield District South Carolina and she then stated she was 81 years of age. She was living there in 1855 at which time she stated she was 90 years of age.

The names of the following children of John and Nancy Blakeney are shown:

Nancy born Aug 08, 1786
Jane born Feb 06, 1788
Susannah born Sep 12, 1789
John born Aug 09, 1791
James born Feb 06, 1794
Elizabeth born May 22,1797

In 1851 one Lewis Blakeney was living but his relationship to the soldier is not shown.

The papers in this claim contain no further data relative to soldier’s family.

Very Truly Yours,

AD Hiller
Executive Assistant to the Administrator

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