Ripley Copeland

James C. Pigg Note: Parts of Riley Copeland’s pension papers appeared in Aaron Copeland’s file. Below is abstracts from some of his papers and other materials found there.

Ripley Copeland enlisted March 10, 1777 in Chatham County, North Carolina for 3 years; served as a private under Captain Matthew Ramsey and Colonel Maburn in North Carolina and Captain Joshua Bowman and Colonel Clark. In was in the battles in Mammouth, Stoney Point and was with General Washington at Valley Forge. He married his wife Rachel in March 1781 after the Battle of Guilford Court House. He applied for a pension October 10, 1819 at the age of 58 in Sumter County, SC. He died there 6 June 1843. Ripley and Rachel’s children were: Ripley Copeland the son of Ripley and Rachel his wife was born July the 25 Day 1793; Ruben Copeland was born August the 5 Day 1795; Sarah Copeland was born July the 5 Day 1797; Elley Copeland was born February 4, 1802; Mary Copeland was born April the 3, 1804.

State of South Carolina }
Chesterfield District }

This is to certify that Nicholas Copeland Senior appeared before me one of the Justices in and for said District and certifies that he was knowing to a certain man going into the Regular Services in he old Revolution by the name of Riley Copeland and he further sayeth that he believes that the said Ripley Copeland brought with him a discharge from the Regular Services and that he is certain that he received a land warrant from the said Ripley Copeland and traded ti to his own services.

Sworn to and assigned the 2nd October 1818.                   his
before me                                                                 Nicholas X Copeland
Nicholas Copeland, J. P.                                                      mark

The State of South Carolina }
Chesterfield District }

This day personally appeared Aaron Copeland before me the subscribing Justice who after being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God Saith that some time in the forepart of the Revolutionary War his brother Ripley Copeland entered the service of the United States as a Soldier. This Deponent says he did not see him enlist, but that after he had enlisted he returned home and informed his father this deponent and the rest of the family that he enlisted for the term of three years.

This deponent further says that after the officer who enlisted him had remained in the settlement for several weeks and had raised a number of other recruits he marched them off and that saw the said Ripley Copeland march off with them and was gone about three years as well as he recollects. This deponent also states that when the said Ripley Copeland returned home, he recollects he shewed his discharge to his father read the same.

Sworn to before me }
the 27th of September 1819 }                            Aaron Copeland
John Lowry, QW

South Carolina }
Chesterfield District }

I J. C. Craig, Clerk of the Court of Sessions and Common Pleas do certify that Colonel John Lowry’s is an acting Justice of Quaram in the District aforesaid.

Given under my hand and seal of office this 28th day of September 1819.

John Craig, Clerk.

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