The information below is originally from the website  All the information was transferred to this page as a way of maintaining the site content for future researchers.  I have tried to keep all the information as it was on the original site.

This is a collection of Jordan related land plats, wills and deeds that I analyzed and entered in all names found, acres of land when applicable, the document volume, page etc, date filed, the source (Chesterfield Co Courthouse, SC Archives, LDS film #), names of any land marks, creeks, etc. This is mostly in area of Chesterfield Co, SC, but also contains a few entries from Darlington & Kershaw Counties. The Wordpad Text File is an index for pictures of the copied documents up to Book 7 Page 665. Since November 2006 I started grouping files not in the index according to area.

Wordpad Text File of land plats, deeds, and wills that I have somewhere in my room  

Here’s pictures of the documents as indexed in the above text file. I used JPEG or GIF picture files, but starting in 2006 I used mostly pdf files.:

 John Jordan Jr 1849 plat – SC Archives Vol 31 p 191
 Wm Jordan & JW Jordan Deed Bk 5 p236 CCH     Bk 5 p236 2nd page
 Hardy Sellers to Hopewell Church deed – (sent to me by Marie Wiggins)     Sellers page 2
 William Jordan to Soloman Watson deed Bk 5 p433
 Daniel Martin to John W Jordan Bk 2 page 58         Bk 2 P 58 2nd page
 Ben Crowley to John W Jordan Book 1 page 440     Book 1 p 440 2nd page
 Elizabeth Guy, William Jordan & Margaret to WL McNair Bk 4 p 406
 William Jordan to WF Stevenson Bk 11 p 135      Bk 11 p 135 2nd Page
 CB McNair to JW Jordan Bk 8 p783 Bk 8 p783 2nd Page
 SH Gulledge to WH Jordan Bk 31 p 130
 ST Sinclair & Hardy Davidson to WH Jordan Bk 31 p 131
 WA Watson to Mary Jordan Bk 25 p312Bk 25 p312 2nd page
 Mary Jordan to EF Oliver Bk 27 p233Bk 27 P 233 2nd page
 CE Jordan to BM Woodward Bk 35 p384Bk 35 p384 2nd page
 BM Woodward to CE Jordan Bk 35 p386Bk 35 p386 2nd page
 John W Jordan’s will Bk 1 p318 Bk 1 p318 2nd page     Bk 1 p318 3rd page
 JH Douglas to John W Jordan Bk 8 p413Bk 8 p 413 2nd page     Bk 8 p 413 3rd Page
 Lawrence Prince plat Bk 40 P409 (poss bk 46)
 William White Bk 41 p229
 Sam Carter & William Jordan Bk 40 P 458 ( dark, had to use grayscale & jpg)
 Christopher Lewis & Henry Jordan Bk 32 p 260
 Hinson Jordan to Stephen Jackson Bk 4 p 84
 James Sullivan to Joseph Jordan Bk 5 p 728
 Nice Map of Nevin Smiths place Bk 6 p638John Hancock & Lavina Hancock Bk 6 p 638Page 638 2nd Page
 Clabin Jordan to Harriet Melton Bk 4 p 158
 Burgess Hubbard plat Bk 53 p387
 Richard Edgeworth plat Bk 55 p 70 (Map – couldn’t fit text)      Bk 55 p 70 2nd Page (Text part )
 Madison & James F. Jordan (Burnt book -Chesterfield CH)
 Claborne & John W. Jordan Bk 55 P 327
 James Joplin Bk 51 P 268
 Claborn & Joseph Jordan Bk 43 P267
 Neil McNair Bk 50 p82
 Duncan Douglas Bk 56 P419
 Neil & Daniel McNair Bk 47 P5
 John Paul Rushing Bk 32 P413
 Daniel McNair Bk 46 P190
 Daniel McNair Bk 43 P305
 James Knot Bk 33 P86                     (Did not enter Bk 43 p263 (too big) or Bk 54 p296 or Bk 54 P282 (poor quality).
 Arch E. McMillan, Allen Jordan, Neil McNair Bk 58 P 55 (might be Bk 5) MAP     P 55 Text
 Joseph Jordan, James Ritch Bk 46 P 83
 Stephen, Abner & Camel Jordan Bk 48 P 179
 Joseph Jordan, German Berry Bk 48 P 206
 John Wadsworth, Thos Poe, Thos Horn (Also Bk 48 P 206 top)
 Abner Jordan & Duncan Crawford Bk 48 P234
 John Jordan, Thos Davis (Darlington Co) Bk 33 P 11
 Jacob Jordan (Darlington Co) Bk 33 P 118
Jesse & Joshua Jordan (Darlington Co) Bk 37 P 546
November 17 entries
 Joseph Jordan, John P Rushing Bk 37 P115
 Thomas Coker, Joel Jordan Darlington Co Bk 24 P310
 John Ellis, Stephen Parker Bk 27 P 228
 John Norwood, Joel Jordan Darlington Co Bk 28 P 133
 James Poston, Joseph Jordan Bk 28 P 161
 Joseph Griffith Bk 28 P161 bottom
December 07 entries
 Joseph Rodgers, Jesse Jordan Bk 45 P 290 Darlington
 Jacob Parrott, Thos Mercer Bk 45 P 295 Darlington
Skipped Bk 45 P 391 – Quality of document too poor!
 Alex McIntosh, Henry Jordan Bk 27 P12
 Sherwood Horn, Abel Waddle Bk 33 P 106 Darlington
 Jeremiah Gulledge, Isaac Freeman Bk 33 P 113 – Sketch from my Notebook
Skipped Bk 33 P 184 – No picture, see database.
 Elisha Parker, Calvin Spencer, F Jenkins Bk 33 P 262
December 15 entries
 John Waddle, John Jordan Bk 33 P285 Darlington Elisha Strickland Bk 33 P 285 Bottom
Bk 33 P 407 – No picture, see database.
 Jesse Mercer, Abel Waddle, John Norwood Bk 33 P 438
 William Cook, Thos Davis – Darlington Bk 33 P 443 Sketch
 Jeremiah Holliman, William Gay – Darlington Bk 33 P 450
 John Rodgers, James & John Dinkins Bk 37 P 71 Sketch
 Elisha Parker, John Scott Bk 37 P 73 (two plats)     Same, but sketch – quality was poor
 William Welch Bk 37 P 125 Sketch
 William Grant, Jesse Norris, Alex McNeal Bk 37 P 178 Sketch
 William Sellers, Col Spencer Bk 37 P 182 Sketch
 Nathan Coreathers, Ben Dees, Dan Campbell & Jenkins Bk 37 P 212
 John Carew , Richard Bolan, Henry & William Jordan Bk 37 P 234
February 05, 2000 entries
 William Lago & Richard Dees Bk 37 P 244 Sketch
Bk 37 P 248 – No picture, see database.
 William Jordan & Thomas Stephen Bk 37 P 257
 Abel Waddil (Waddel) & Richard Horn, Bk 37 P 353 Darlington Sketch
 William Cassity, Calvin Spencer, Benjamin Dees Bk 37 P 388 Sketch
 Joseph Turner, John Jorden, John Hayes Bk 37 P492 Darlington
 William Witherington (Weatherington), Joel Bird, Jeremiah Holliman Bk 37 P 507 Darlington
Bk 46 P 76 – See database.
 Elias Kelly, John Jordan, Elias Davis Bk 47 P 69 Darlington
 Daniel Campbell (Sailer), Sam Berry, Joseph Knighton, Dan McNair Bk 47 P 99
 Duncan Ray, Will Price, Thomas Agerton, John Craig Bk 47 P 127 Sketch
 John Wadsworth, Briant Dees, William Lucy Bk 47 P 161 Sketch
 George C. Welch, William Leago, Briant Dees Bk 47 P 162 Sketch
 Elisha Parker, Jeremiah & Obadiah Gulledge Bk 47 P 169 Sketch
 John Wadsworth, Claiborn Jordan, John Lowry, Stephen Jackson Bk 47 P 264
 Elizabeth Antry (Autry), David Berry, Abner Jordan Bk 47 P 382
Bk 47 P 382 at bottom. See database.
June 25, 2000 entries.
 Stephen Jackson, John Lowry, Martin Wadsworth – Bk 48 P84 Sketch
 Jacob Mangum, JJ Schroten, Abner & Joel Jordan, Duncan Crawford – Bk48 P164
 John Scroten, B Hubbard, D Crawford, J Mangum – Bk48 P177 poor quality    Same, but sketch
 N Knight, A Knight, Thos Sullivan, A McMichaels, John Schroten – Bk 49 P47
 William King, Elias Kelly, Jacob Kelly, Jacob Jordan – Bk 49 P130 – Darlington
 William King, Warren King, Jas King – Bk50 P74 – Darlington


February 01, 2003 entries
Mcfarland, Crowley, Melton, Campbell – Bk1P306 – Chesterfield    Continues same – Bk1p307
Cassady, McLean, Douglas, Huggins – Bk3P185 – Chesterfield
Watson, White, Dees, Smith – Bk1P150
Lide, Ellis, Parker, Malloy, Phelan – Bk1P86  1st part on p86 – Guy, Ellis, Smith, Ebert – Bk1P87
Melton, Deese, Oliver, Jordan – Bk4p194  Rest of 194 – Bk4P195
Melton, Allen, Pervis, Sellers, Gibson, Woodard, Watson, Baker – Bk4P204
Melton, Oliver, Hancock, Watson, McNair, Adams – Bk7P599  2nd part – Bk7P600
Melton, Douglas, Jordan, McNair – Bk7P665

November 2006 entries
Abram Woodard, Hilary N. Woodard, 250 acres, Little Black Creek, Hardy Sellers, Cross Roads Church, Miry Branch, Aaron Gibson, Hurricane Branch, Spring Branch, Jesse Allen, William Watson, Richard Oliver, Thomas Crowley, Hogpen Branch, Ervin (Even) Branch, Susannah Woodward 1875 Bk 9 P35 Chesterfield CCH
Abraham Woodard, Angeline A Horne, 250 acres, old mill ford, Ervins branch, Newton Woodard, Mariah branch, Sarah Gibson, 1887 Bk 21 P797 CCH
Abram Woodard, Susannah Woodard, DM Barentine, M Jackson, 1905 continuation of 797 Bk 21 P798

Woodward, Abram Woodard, DB Douglass, 10 acres, Ervin branch, Little Black creek, Mary M Hancock, Thomas Melton, 1896 Bk 13 P577, CCH
M Melton, AC Douglass, Abram Woodard, continuation with Bk 13 P578

RS Gulledge, EE Gulledge, EK Smith, 191 acres, Abram Woodard, Walter Woodward, Coy Rivers, Sam Woodward, WA Sullivan, Albert Steen, Angeline Horne, 1910 Bk 35 P131 CCH
continuation of 131, Will Jackson, JC Rivers, MG Smith (EK’s wife) Bk 35 P132

Benjamin Crowley, Thomas W Crowley, 150 acres, German Berry, (Jerman Berry), Ervin branch, Elisa Crowley, Caroline Crowley, Finley, Miry branch, Brantly, 1868 Bk 1 P375 CCH

Soloman Watson, Alexander Oliver, 30 acres, Mary Watson, John Jordan, M Melton, L H Hancock, John W Jordan, Bk 7 P17 CCH
continuation of p17, John W Jordan, Maryan Watson, A Douglas, 1880 Bk 7 P18 CCH

DB Douglass, J W Hancock, 10 acres, Ervin branch, Little Black creek, 1904, Bk 21 P249 CCH
Mary M Hancock, Thomas Melton, G K Lancy, M J Hough, 1904 Bk 21 P250

C E Jordan (Clevie), B M Woodward (Bessie), N F Jordan (Nettie), J W Jordan, 100 acres, Ervin branch, W J Oliver, 1913, Bk 35 P384 CCH

B M Woodward, C E Jordan, N F Jordan, J W Jordan, 100 acres, Ervin branch, W J Oliver, 1913, Bk 35 P385 CCH

B M Woodward, C E Jordan, N F Jordan, 100 acres, Wiley Watson, Hampton Jordan, Benjamin Crowley, Ervin branch, W J Oliver, 1913, Bk 35 P387 CCH

450 acres, Benjamin Crowley, Crawly, Lavina A Hancock, Alex Hancock, Mary Hancock, Francis L Hancock, James Hancock, Margaret E Hancock, John W Hancock, Abram Woodward, Woodard, Daniel Martin, John Smothers, W A Evans, Thomas P Davis, 1867 Bk 1 P144 CCH

J Z Woodward, J O Burr, 35 acres, Mt Croghan, Irvin branch, Irven branch, Bessie Woodward, Jim Steen, M C Woodward, John Gulledge, 1931 Bk 78 P169 CCH
continuation of p169, J Z Woodward, Kirby Melton, Hattie Woodward (J Z’s wife), 1931 Bk 78 P170 CCH

J L Woodard, M A Woodard, 50 acres, Jesse Taylor, Ervin branch, J W Hancock, Little Black creek, 1913 Bk 39 P27 CCH
continuation of p27, 35 acres + 15 acres, Jesse Taylor, M A Woodard, M R Taylor, L A Watson, J L Woodard, Bk 39 P27a

Jerman Berry, Daniel Camel (Campbell ?), 615 acres, John Finley, Ervans branch, spelling Ervin or Irwin, Little Black creek, 1808, SC State Archives Vol 41 P494
Text for above plat

Matthew Sellers, 1000 acres, Deep creek, Black creek, John Bails, Robert Par??, John Finley, Hurricane branch, Jerman Berry, Jennings branch, John Hencock (Hancock), John Anderson, William Kirkley, John Rushing (Rishing), Camden road, 1814, SC State Archives Vol 43 P521

The above files were a balance of quality and size – please comment if any do not print out clearly.
Updated on 24 November 2006

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